Recent Grad Looking for Work? 5 Reasons to Apply for a Temporary Position

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By Lorna Faires


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Recent_Grad_Looking_for_Work_5_Reasons_to_Apply_for_a_Temporary_PositionGraduation is an important milestone. Whether you’ve just finished your program, or you’ve been on the job hunt a little longer, you might be wondering when you’ll be able to land your dream job.

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It could take some time yet. Even though the job market in Canada has been strong lately, those job seekers who are fresh out of school have reported it takes a little bit longer to find that perfect first position.

If you’re looking for work, consider a temporary position. It could be the perfect solution to your current situation.

Why should recent grads apply for temporary work with Liberty Staffing? Here are five good reasons.

1. It Can Give You Practical Experience in Your Field

Perhaps the best reason to apply for temporary work is to start gaining experience. If you’ve applied for entry level positions, but haven’t been called back, it could be because you’re lacking experience.

Even if the job isn’t in your specific field, you’re still gaining practical, relevant experience in the workforce. This can help you develop soft skills, which you’ll need for almost every job you ever hold.

2. To Help Pay the Bills

If you graduated a couple of months ago, you might be concerned. Your student loans may be due soon. You probably have other bills to pay as well.

Temporary work can help you bridge the gap between school and full time, permanent employment. Not only will you be gaining valuable experience, but it will help you manage your money as well.

3. Start Networking in Your Field

A temporary position can also help you begin building your network of contacts within your chosen field. If the job is for a company that typically hires professionals like you, then you’ll have a good chance to meet the people who make the hiring decisions.

This is true even if the position isn’t for your field of expertise. You may even learn about internal postings for other job opportunities while you’re there.

4. Test Out a Position

Is there a particular employer in your field you think would be great to work for? If so, a temporary position with them is a great way to try out the position to ensure that you like it.

You may even try out a workplace you wouldn’t have necessarily considered previously, and discover you love the environment.

5. Try Different Roles and Jobs

You may have graduated from school believing you wanted to be an Administrative Assistant, or a Welder. Actually taking on the role allows you to both practice your skills, and see what the job is like first hand.

Being on the job is quite different from being in school, so you might find the job isn’t all you hoped it was going to be. You might also discover another role you love through temporary work.

In short, temporary work can help you make career decisions to build a better future.

Ready to get started with temporary work? Get in touch with Liberty Staffing today, and find the right position for you.


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