Recruiting Strategies: Should You Hire Talent Over Trust?

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Hiring


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Recruiting Strategies Should You Hire Talent over Trust---1.jpgShould you hire talent over trust? It can be a difficult question to answer, solely because it cannot be answered with extreme certainty. Both are important in the hiring process, and you don’t necessarily need to choose one over the other.

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With that being said, however, trust is difficult to obtain with people you meet for the first time.



As a recruiting strategy, choosing to hire talent over trust can seem like the best decision. This is simply because talent is assessable, as opposed to trust, which can be a bit of a gamble.

Every hiring manager differs in thought and preferences, so recruiting strategies won’t be clear-cut and always agreed upon, but suggestions can be made. Among a variety of recruiting strategies, here are some that could help with your employee search.

Be Specific with Job Posts

It is important to note that hiring managers play an important role in who responds to their job ads. To get the most suitable candidates for your company’s vacant position, it is your responsibility as a hiring manager to be as specific as possible with your job descriptions.

One of the key recruiting strategies to note is that specificity is vital when writing a job description. Using clear and concise statements will result in more targeted, qualified applications from individuals who are suitable for the job.

To be more specific in your job ads, add the appropriate amount of experience needed, as well as the tasks the potential employee will be required to undertake.

Ask Strategic Questions

As noted earlier, hiring would be less of a gamble if you chose talent over trust. This is simply because you realistically cannot trust an individual you don’t know well. There is always the possibility that job applications are inaccurate or exaggerated when it comes to skills and experiences.

One of the more determinative recruiting strategies is to ask the correct questions during an interview to test if the person matches what’s on paper.

Just as interviewees are told to prepare questions prior to an interview, it is important interviewers do the same. Additionally, try to formulate questions based on the exact details of the job description. This will ensure a more accurate assessment of the interviewees as they speak.

Use a Staffing Agency

If you are limited in time and cannot go through resume after resume, recruit the help of a staffing agency.

Despite misconceptions about the work staffing agencies do, hiring managers can trust that staffing agencies can significantly help in the recruiting process. Not only can they help reduce stress in HR, they are also cost effective and can help you find employees fast.

Additionally, they can also pre-screen candidates prior to sending their profiles to you. Using a staffing agency is, therefore, one of the most effective recruiting strategies as it results in candidates being sent your way who are most suitable for the position you are looking to fill.

Give All Applicants a Chance

As previously mentioned, some resumes may not be entirely truthful. It is for this reason that all applicants should be considered for your available position. This tip may sound taxing, and it probably is (sifting through a pile of resumes is time consuming), but here is another way staffing agencies can be an aid. With the information you present to the staffing agency regarding the ideal employee(s) you seek, its recruiters will go through the resumes to ensure you are getting the most qualified candidates.

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