Staffing Agencies: Top 5 Common Misconceptions to Dispel Immediately

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Staffing Services


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Staffing Agencies- Top 5 Common Misconceptions to Dispel Immediately.jpgStaffing agencies work to support job seekers both on an individual basis, as well as in a company setting. This means individuals in search of a job can receive support from staffing agencies, and companies whose existing staff is in need of reinforcements can turn to an agency to help them with hiring.

Staffing services, although not new, are currently rising in popularity. This, however, comes with its pros and cons. As word spreads about staffing agencies, there is a lack of accurate knowledge about them. As a result, there are plenty of misconceptions concerning the legitimacy of the services these agencies provide. For this reason, staffing agencies may often need to ward off common misconceptions regarding their validity.

A few of the common misconceptions? That partnering with an agency is a last resort for individuals who cannot find work by themselves. Or that these agencies only set job seekers up with low-paying or entry-level jobs. Another misconception is that staffing agencies do not have a diverse range of available positions for job seekers and do not have a high range of workers for companies in need of staff.

All of the above cannot be further from the truth. Let us go through some common misconceptions and correct these statements.

1. They Are Considered a Last-Resort Option

An assumption of staffing agencies is that their services are used by individuals who are unable to secure positions by themselves. As a last-resort, therefore, they rely on staffing agencies to present job opportunities to them.

This misconception is one that we should dispel. It is increasingly difficult to find a job, especially if one lacks a connection in their desired field of work. Staffing agencies act as a connection for these individuals.

2. They Connect People with Entry Level Positions

Another incorrect assumption about staffing agencies is that they are only used to fill entry level positions. This is certainly one of the top misconceptions.

Staffing agencies are allowed access to a network that job seekers cannot access independently. Agencies are informed of availabilities by companies looking for new staff members. Agencies, therefore, know of a variety of positions, from entry-level all the way to managerial roles.

3. Ulterior Motives

The worst misconception of staffing agencies is the questioning of their legitimacy. Word of unnecessary payment, ingenuity, and a lack of concern are but a few of the mistaken beliefs.

Agencies, like Liberty Staffing, have their associates’ and clients’ best interest in mind. When hired to find appropriate employees for companies, staffing agencies work very hard to deliver and please both employee and client.

4. A Lack of Choice

Seeking out the help of a staffing agency does not mean your input is restricted. This is a misconception that should be corrected.

Yes, a staffing agency does a significant amount of work on your behalf, but your recruiting representative is in constant communication with you through the process. They won’t find just any job and then proceed to force you to take the position. Liberty Staffing will work with your interests and skills in mind to find the best-suited position for you. Our goal is to make sure that you are happy at your work assignment.

5. There Will Be a Lack in Skill

Looking at the partnerships between companies and staffing agencies, a common misconception companies have of staffing agencies is that novice employees will be called on to fill positions. As noted previously, staffing agencies have access to a variety of talent, from individuals who may not have extensive work experience to those with a healthy amount of experience. Using a staffing agency alleviates companies of the demanding task of recruiting new members for their team, while still ensuring that they get highly skilled workers.


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