Students: 7 Smart Reasons to Get a Summer Job

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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Students_7_Smart_Reasons_to_Get_a_Summer_JobWhile we know it’s tempting to take the summer off, landing a summer job instead is a more productive move to make. Working during the summer months helps you build an attractive resume and a professional network, as well as gain some vital savings. In other words, seasonal work can improve your career skills, and your level of independence.

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The best part about summer work? There’s a lot of it to go around in Canada’s gig economy. While looking for summer work can be competitive, the potential benefits will make your search more than worth the effort.

Not wholly convinced that seasonal work is right for you? Check out below for seven smart reasons to apply for a summer job.

1. Gain Relevant Experience

A summer job can solve the conundrum of having that elusive quality of “relevant experience” many employers require in the job they’re hiring for. Many students face difficulties when applying for jobs after high school or college because there are often not many chances to gain experience during their studies.

Seasonal work can help you obtain relevant experience, without disrupting your academic goals.

2. Test a Career Path

Students often don’t get many chances to get a concrete impression of what it’s like to work in specific careers. A summer position is the perfect way to test out what types of work you excel at, and what kinds of work environments are right for you.

Since many summer jobs are often temporary, you can approach your work as preparation for full time employment. Your summer job can help determine which positions suit you best.

3. Gain a Competitive Edge Post-Graduation

Another smart reason to work during the summer is to gain a competitive edge in future career moves. Just as you might use seasonal positions to test career paths, your employers are often treating your temporary job as an extended probationary period. If you were a good cultural fit for your employer, there may be a job opportunity waiting for you once you step off the graduation stage.

4. Expand Your Professional Network

When you’re a student, your network is often small. While high school events or extracurricular activities in post-secondary do offer you networking opportunities, there’s nothing like being able to expand your professional network via a job.

According to a recent LinkedIn global survey, 70 percent of people in 2016 were hired due to networking.

5. You Could Land a Part Time Job

Depending on how demanding your schedule is when you return to school, your summer position could turn into a permanent part time job. As we mentioned above, employers often use temporary positions as an extended probation period, and if your schedule permits it, you could find yourself with a job that can boost your spending money or help pay for tuition.

Which brings us to our next reason for working a summer gig...

6. Avoid Student Debt

Seasonal jobs help you gain more financial security. If you’re a high school student and still new to the working world, you’ll gain vital lessons in money management. And college students can always benefit from paying down tuition and textbook costs.

7. Soft Skills Improve Your Academic Performance

Summer jobs can be challenging since you’ll be working one of the busiest seasons of the year. The soft skills you garner from such work, however, are valuable not just for your career but your academic performance as well.

Time and project management, team building, and professional and interpersonal communication are all skills that can improve your grades in class.

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