Summer Employment Has Come to a Close: How to Adapt to Fall Hiring Trends

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring, Job Search


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Summer Employment Has Come to a Close- How to Adapt to Fall Hiring Trends.jpgSummer is over, and with it, so too has summer employment. Fall has arrived, ushering in a season of change.

It’s not just the colours of the leaves changing, however. The end of summer employment can mean shakeups in the workplace.



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Summer Hiring Trends

Summer can be busy, but it also has a reputation of being slow, particularly on the work front. While many people take vacations and attend backyard barbeques, things slow down at the office. The storefront might also see fewer customers passing through.

Although some industries heat up during the warmer months, many more see a summer slump.

This slump affects hiring as well. Most businesses actually do their hiring for the summer in the springtime. This allows them to get the best candidates locked in before key decision-makers head off to the cottage. It also allows them to benefit from hiring new graduates and students who are looking to gain practical work experience. The summer slowdown makes it a great time to show someone the ropes.

A Season of Transition

The changing of the leaves can signal a changing of the guard in the workplace. Summer employment contracts come to an end, usually at the end of August or in the first weeks of September. Students heading back to school leave jobs. Businesses may no longer need an extra set of hands around since everyone’s back from vacation.

The return to work and school in the fall also signals a renewed focus. Most people see the fall as a chance to “get back to business.” It’s little wonder businesses usually see upticks in both business and productivity once September/October rolls around!

Of course, this affects seasonal hiring trends.

More Hands on Deck

Once summer passes, many businesses see upswings in productivity. Not only are they more productive, but many actually get busier. More orders are placed; more deals are done. The fall is often the busiest time of year for a business.

One result is an upswing in hiring. In the fall, business managers and owners may find they need extra hands to help them meet additional orders or customer demands. These positions may be temporary or permanent, as a contrast to summer employment which is often seasonal.

The End of the Year

The end of the year is also fast approaching, which may be why businesses tend to operate at breakneck speed during the fall. There may be concerns about meeting sales goals or production quotas before the year is out. Accountants may be ramping up to close the books. And retail is most definitely operating with an eye to a busy holiday shopping season.

As a result, there may also be more seasonal positions opening up in the fall. If you’ve kept in touch with your employer, you may land yourself a part-time job or another seasonal contract even though summer employment has ended.

Power Moves

Another factor in fall hiring trends is the tendency of employees to lay their cards on the table. Just as businesses may put off hiring decisions during the summer, employees may wait until the fall to look for new employment opportunities. Job seekers are often just as attuned to seasonal hiring trends as hiring managers are.

Employee turnover may result in a need to hire for full time, permanent positions or seek temporary workers to fill the gaps. This adds to the positions opening up as a result of increased business.

In short, even though summer employment is over, there’s no need to worry. Fall hiring trends show there will be plenty of work and opportunity for those seeking jobs and those seeking employees.

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