Summer Students: Why Work a Temporary Job?

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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Summer Students- Why Work a Temporary Job?.jpeg Summer students often find they’re in a pinch to find work during the season. Even part-time positions at local retail stores are difficult to find. The window of time for landing a position during the summer is often very dicey, with the early-bird students snagging all available positions right away. There’s no shortage of job search tips for students out there. Often, though, they overlook one vital strategy for landing work: taking on a temporary job.

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As a summer student, you already have a lot on your plate. You need flexibility from your job - which makes temp work ideal. And if your summer courses are the last credits you need to take before graduation, a temporary job could open many doors. Read on for why more summer students should consider working a temporary job.

You Are a Part-Time Student

If you’re a part-time student, a temporary job could be the perfect way for you to not only fill your free time productively, but to also gain a clear idea of the career opportunities out there.

Part-time students during the summer sometimes only have one or two courses to worry about. Therefore, the responsibilities and schedule of a temp job will be easy enough for them to balance with their school workloads.

There are academic benefits to working while you’re taking classes as well. Your work ethics become sharper because you learn about vital skills like time management, multitasking, and organizing tasks in an efficient manner. All the soft skills you learn at your temp job can be easily applied to your school work, enabling you to produce higher quality work.

In addition, having a temp job during a summer semester breaks up the monotony of your academic life. Taking breaks is essential to success as a student. If you enjoy your temp job, you not only get a nice break from homework, but a healthy bank account too!

Your Work Doesn’t Interfere with Your Academic Career

Temp jobs for summer students are a perfect fit since they won’t run over into the fall semester. Temp jobs are also better than part-time jobs because they last for a specific number of hours. Employers expect students to leave for school in the fall. There are no misunderstandings between summer students and employers, because employers are looking for candidates who can cover vacant positions on a temporary basis only.

Temp jobs are also more stress-free, since a part-time permanent position assumes you’ll be staying on for longer. With temp jobs, students gain insight into different fields of work, while earning some good cash for school supplies and tuition, without the pressure of continuing to work in the fall.

Speaking of cash flow, if you’ve landed your temp job through Liberty Staffing, you could receive $100 for referring a friend.

You Are Going to Be a New Grad Soon

Lastly, consider where you are at in your academic career. If you’re a summer student who’s going to graduate in the fall, a temp job might be your ticket to finding a career you want to pursue. When you work a temp job, it’s akin to test driving a position in a specific field. You gain practical experience of what a day on the job in different industries is like.

If you like the job you’ve been placed at, you also have a chance to network with your employer and inquire about future opportunities. Staffing agencies also offer the option of temp-to-perm employment. In this scenario, if your placement has been successful, your employer will hire you permanently.

So if you need work this summer semester, apply to a staffing agency like Liberty Staffing, for a temp job!


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