What Does 2024 Have in Store for Your Job Search?

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what-does-2024-have-in-store-for-your-job-search-thumbThe job market in Canada has cooled a bit in 2023, but experts project some moderate growth in 2024. What can you expect to see if you are conducting a 2024 job search, whether it’s your first job or your next one? 

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Here is what to expect when you start searching for a new job in 2024!

Cautious Hiring Across Most Industries 

Businesses are working to develop a high level of adaptability so that they can respond to whatever the economy brings this year. Many economists predict moderate growth, but there are also some risks of a recession.

Because of this, you may see that some industries slow their hiring processes down and develop a stronger dependence on temporary workers over permanent ones.  

Some Industries Will Still Be Hiring Aggressively

Despite this uncertainty, some industries will still need to hire a lot of new people for open positions in 2024. 

These fields are likely to include healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and warehousing. You’re in luck if you are looking for a job in one of these industries! Even with many open positions, though, you still need to have an outstanding resume, excellent interview skills, and all of the appropriate skills and certifications. 

Expect Slightly Less Competition for Open Roles

This is another piece of good news about your 2024 job search. Because the unemployment rate is low, you are competing against fewer applicants for suitable positions. That doesn’t mean you can walk right in the door, though. It just means you have a better chance of standing out among a pool of highly qualified applicants. 

Return-to-Office Policies are Commonplace

For a few years, in the aftermath of the pandemic, many employees enjoyed flexible workplaces and plentiful work-from-home positions. While many companies still allow their employees to telecommute some or all of the time, you are less likely to see many remote jobs on various job boards. 

Companies that are doing a lot of hiring tend to hire in-person employees. This is especially true for manufacturing, warehousing, and other companies that were almost always operating with a fully in-person workforce. 

You Have Options to Try New Roles Without a Long-Term Commitment

Temporary staffing positions are a great way to try out a new role and see if you like it before you commit to something more permanent. 

You can also get your foot in the door at companies that are only hiring temp workers. A popular staffing strategy in today’s marketplace is to hire temporary workers when you need to scale up productivity. Employers take note of the temporary workers who do an exceptional job, learn quickly, and make a good fit with the company culture. 

When you go through a temporary staffing agency, you get the chance to impress your bosses and be offered a permanent position at a company you want to work for! 

Plan to Use Multiple Search Strategies 

Finding a new job in 2024 will require savvy search skills. You’re not going to find one online job board that lists everything you’re looking for, so make sure you are familiar with all of the places where your industry is posting their listings. 

A staffing agency is another great resource because staffing companies know more about who is hiring than just about anyone else. Staffing agencies have deep, well-established connections with the local business communities they serve, and you benefit from those connections when you work with them! 

Partner with Liberty Staffing for Your 2024 Job Search in Southern Ontario

At Liberty Staffing Services, our connections with the local community allow us to give you access to job openings you wouldn’t find on your own. 

We are ready to help match your skills and interests with positions in industries that are actively recruiting. As a job seeker, you benefit from our insider knowledge of which employers are hiring – and what they’re looking for in their applicants. 

As you navigate the job market in Southern Ontario in the year ahead, partner with us at Liberty Staffing. Let us put our recruiting expertise and network to work for you! 

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