What to Do If Your Job Ad Isn't Attracting the Right Candidates

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By Lorna Faires

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What_to_Do_If_Your_Job_Ad_Isnt_Attracting_the_Right_Candidates.jpgStatistically speaking, your job ad probably isn’t as effective as it could be. If your retention rate isn’t great, your turnover is high, and you seem to hire the wrong candidates for your job openings all too often, then your job posting might be the cause of all of your hiring problems.

The job ad is the first piece of content that candidates see about your company. And many postings end up doing the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. Poorly written ads, dull ads, vague ads, ads with missing information, or ads with the wrong type of content could be attracting the wrong types of applicants, which means you’re going to have a tough time hiring top talent right from the get-go.

Sure, typing up a title, job duties, and a salary is pretty simple, but creating a job posting that actually targets qualified candidates is far more difficult. With the demand for quality candidates outstripping supply in today’s market, you simply can’t risk having a poorly written job description.

So instead of taking on the risk of a bad job ad attracting the wrong candidates, you should engage a staffing firm for your hiring needs. Here’s why.

Staffing Agencies Know Candidates

When it comes to hiring top talent, you might not need to write or post a job ad at all. Your staffing agency will have a large and varied candidate pool with myriad job seekers who might be perfect for your open position—all with the right skills, experience, and personality traits to match your company’s needs.

And these candidates are pre-screened and pre-approved for your convenience. You won’t even need to start from scratch and advertise to job seekers because your staffing agency might already have the perfect person in mind for you.

Job Analysis and Description

However, if you’re looking for a very specific skillset or employee, your staffing agency might need to put out feelers and find new job seekers for you to consider. If this is the case, the staffing agency will start the hiring process by completing a thorough job analysis and description. Your customer service representative will create a complete profile of the open position to ensure that no vital roles and responsibilities are missed, that the job ad isn’t misleading, and that the job description is written in a way that attracts the ideal candidate that you have in mind.

The Ideal Candidate Profile

Next, your customer service representative will work with you to write the ideal candidate profile by learning what type of worker you’re looking for and what skills, experience, education, and certificates you require as well as which ones are just nice to have.

Often, employers don’t actually have a clear picture of who would be best for the position and as such they cannot adequately match interviewees to an ideal candidate profile, leading to hiring mistakes. Other times, employers have unrealistic expectations and create a job posting that targets an out-of-this-world candidate who just might not exist. Your staffing agency will ensure that your ideal candidate profile is accurate and realistic for optimal results.

Company Culture

Another big faux pas employers make when writing job postings is not considering company culture. Your company culture is made up of your values, beliefs, work environment, and management style. The best workers are those who match your company culture. They’re the ones who will be happier in your employ and thus more productive and the ones who will stay for the long term. Your staffing agency will ensure that your company culture is noted in the job ad and that candidates are assessed for cultural fit in the interview.

If your job posting isn’t attracting the right applicants, it might be time to consider taking advantage of the benefits of partnering with a staffing firm.

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