What to Look for When Choosing a Staffing Agency

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By Megan Lacombe

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What-to-Look-for-When-Choosing-a-Staffing-Agency-.jpgChoosing a staffing agency shouldn’t be a rushed decision at a time when you desperately need hiring assistance. It should be a thorough and thoughtful process. There are many competing staffing agencies to choose from, and you need to ensure that you’re partnering with the one that can best meet your hiring needs. Not all firms are alike.

By choosing a staffing agency that is right for your company’s staffing needs, you can create the effective and productive workforce that you need to succeed.

Here’s what to look for when choosing a staffing agency.

Specific Industry Expertise

Unless you have very general recruitment needs, you should ensure that your staffing agency partner understands your specific industry. The more specialized your industry is, the more important it is that you find a partner that has solid insights into your business, understands the trends and challenges in the industry, and knows where to find and how to attract the workers you need. Otherwise, you’ll end up struggling to find suitable candidates.

A niche staffing agency with specific industry expertise can also become a valuable partner that can share its experience, knowledge, and advice with you to improve your business.

Years in the Business

An agency that has been in the staffing industry for many years has demonstrated that it provides top talent to its clients. Many years of experience also helps ensure that the firm has a solid number of candidates in its candidate pool and has deep relationships with talent in the industry. And it shows that the firm has been able to refine and improve its hiring process over time. You don’t want to become a guinea pig for a firm that’s just starting out.

A Wide Net

The best staffing firms won’t limit themselves to active candidates on online job boards. They’ll cast a wide net to recruit the most qualified candidates. They’ll use inbound recruiting to attract talent. They’ll go to job fairs in your industry. They’ll spend time and resources building relationships with passive candidates. And they’ll think outside of the box in order to find the best talent out there.

In-Depth Screening Process

When choosing a staffing agency, pay close attention to the screening process. You want to ensure that the candidates you bring into your workplace have been appropriately screened, vetted, tested, and approved.

A diligent staffing firm will spend the time required to evaluate candidates. They’ll review resumes with a fine-tooth comb. They’ll consider cultural fit. They’ll perform initial interviews. They’ll ask for proof of certifications and education. They’ll test skills. They’ll check references to ensure that the candidates are truly right for your business.


Not all staffing firms offer the same services. Some will provide drug testing and background checking, and others won’t. Some will offer after-sales services, such as checking in regularly to help with concerns or questions, and others will disappear. Some will help with onboarding and training, and others won’t. Consider what services you need from your staffing agency partner, and make sure the firm you choose offers these services.

Customer Service

When you need new employees, you need your staffing firm to get recruiting right away. When you have concerns about one of your new workers, you need the staffing agency to answer your phone calls and emails. If an employeeisn’t working out, you need to get in touch with your customer service rep to start the process of receiving a replacement.

When choosing a staffing agency, take note of its customer service level. Are your inquiries being ignored or passed from one representative to another? Are you waiting too long to get a response? This is a telltale sign of poor customer service.

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