What You Need to Know About Finding Work Through a Staffing Agency

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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What You Need to Know About Finding Work Through a Staffing Agency.jpgApplying for jobs can be challenging. If you’re struggling to find a position, finding work through a staffing agency could be the solution. Finding work through a staffing agency will save time during your job search—the agencies can help significantly increase the number of positions available due to the amount of resources and services they offer. What’s more, an agency’s established contacts can connect you with companies you would struggle to reach independently. 

Here’s what you should know about finding work through a staffing agency.

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They Help You Build Connections

If you are new to the workforce and lack connections in your field or related fields, the right staffing agency can help you build connections. Finding work through a staffing agency opens you up to jobs without advertised job postings and the agency can introduce you to employers. Since staffing agencies have the relevant expertise when it comes to job information, they’re on top of recruiting trends and the changing job market.

They Can Provide Guidance

Staffing agencies are, naturally, filled with professionals in recruiting. A reputable staffing agency can connect you with the best people to go to when in need of any advice with searching for jobs. They have worked with a variety of managers, so they are knowledgeable about what skills are in demand and what hiring managers want to see.

Furthermore, they can provide tips for building your resume and acing the interview.

They Can Keep You Current

Staffing agencies stay on top of any changes with the economy, recruitment trends, in-demand skills, and more. This allows the staffing professionals to give their clients advice on what employers currently want in an ideal candidate. They can provide useful tips of the job market so there aren’t any surprises for the job seeker.

They Will Always Help

When finding work through a staffing agency, you can trust that you’ll be put through a valuable screening process that can accurately match you with job opportunities that match your skills, experience, and goals. When you detail your skills and qualifications to the agency, you can rest assured knowing the type of jobs they match you with is based on your personal profile.

If you’ve never registered with a staffing agency before, do not feel nervous about getting started. The recruiting professionals have worked with a variety of individuals with a diverse range of experiences. If you do not have a lot of, or any, prior work experience, they can help clarify your skills and determine what kind of job would make the best fit for you.

They Don’t Pressure You

There is no need to feel pressure to stay in a job just because you enlisted the help of a staffing agency to find it. If you can see yourself thriving in another type of position or if you feel like your talents are not being utilized, you can go back to the agency and try to find a more appropriate work environment. Be sure to communicate what you didn’t like with the staffing agency. This will help them further narrow down jobs for you.

In addition, it helps to be open to temporary positions. Most companies in a variety of different industries are currently seeking temporary employees because it allows them a certain amount of flexibility, too. Temporary work also allows you to gain more experience in your chosen line of work and lets you develop more skills in more roles. Furthermore, if you work well in your temporary environment, there is always the possibility of becoming a permanent hire.


Lisa Hutchinson

I started with Liberty Staffing in 2004 as the Regional Business Manager of the London office. I have over 20 years of experience in the customer service and retail sectors, as well as leadership experience including Store Management, People Development and Recruiting. In 2016, our London location moved to a larger office in order to accommodate growth of our business, which included adding a Clerical Division.

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