Why Candidates Choose Temporary Work

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring


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Why Candidates Choose Temporary Work-3Much has been made in the gig economy in the last few years, and it’s alive and well in Canada. You may have noticed a growing trend among job candidates. They’re no longer interested in working with your company long term. Full time, permanent positions don’t seem to appeal to them anymore. You may have even noticed this within your own workforce.

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If you’ve wondered what’s been going on, you’re not alone. Although employers often seek candidates for temporary work to increase workforce flexibility and save on costs, more candidates themselves are choosing temporary positions and contract work.

What’s behind the change? There are a number of different factors driving candidates to choose temporary roles. Liberty Staffing Services would like to provide you with some insight on this topic.

Candidates Want Temporary Work for Flexibility

Today’s job candidates are seeking more flexibility in their work arrangements. In many cases, temporary positions deliver this better than permanent roles. Candidates who are going back to school or are leaving on a trip may want to work only for a few weeks or a few months. This flexibility improves their work-life balance and helps them accommodate other duties, such as taking care of children or elderly parents, or taking on additional commitments, like school.

Candidates Are Choosing Adventure

Many job seekers prefer the eclectic excitement of changing roles more often. Whether it’s every few weeks or every few months, temporary positions allow them to switch it up more frequently.

It also allows them to sample a wider variety of roles than they might otherwise hold. They can try out a position and determine if the career path is right for them. A temporary position allows them to learn more about their own passions and talents.

They’re Seeking More Reward

This is particularly true of candidates who work in professions such as IT or engineering, where contract workers must be highly skilled. Even in other industries, however, temporary work sometimes comes with higher rewards.

These rewards aren’t always monetary either. Contract positions, in particular, may offer more scheduling flexibility or more unpaid vacation time. Depending on the field and the job, temporary work might even offer opportunities to be more in control of one’s own career.

They Want to Gain Experience

Another reason candidates seek out temporary work is that they’re looking for experience. This can be true of new graduates, and those who are looking for a new career path.

Someone may not be settled on a career path, and a temporary role allows them to explore the skills and work environment associated with one potential path. As mentioned, temporary employment allows candidates to explore more as well.

Students, recent graduates, and those who are contemplating a new career path may also want to use temporary employment to develop new skills that will be necessary in this field. Temporary work provides an excellent opportunity.

Candidates Are Looking to Fill a Gap

Sometimes, the reason a candidate is seeking temporary employment is as simple as filling a gap in their current work schedule. They may have been laid off from another job, or they may be waiting for another contract position to start.

In some cases, they may not have been able to find another position, and they’re looking for temporary roles to help tide them over. Some people also look for temporary work during certain times of the year, such as the summer months or the winter holidays to help make some extra cash.

Are Temporary Candidates Right for You?

There are many reasons candidates could be seeking temporary work. Hiring some of them could be the right move for your business.

Learn more about temporary staffing and how it can help you find the job seekers you’re looking for. Talk to our recruiting experts at Liberty Staffing today!


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