Why It's Easier Than You Think to Find and Hire Temp Workers

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By Lisa Hutchinson

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Why_Its_Easier_Than_You_Think_to_Find_and_Hire_Temp_Workers.jpgHiring temporary workers is the ideal solution to many of your workforce issues. When you have a sudden increase in demand, when your employees call in sick, go on leave, or quit without notice, or when you’re dealing with seasonal influxes in business, temporary workers can come to the rescue. With temporary workers, you can fill your short-term hiring needs quickly, reduce your payroll and overtime costs, and improve employee morale.

However, finding and hiring temps on your own can be quite the hassle. The recruitment and hiring process requires a significant time commitment for resume reviewing, interviewing, skills testing, and background checking. This time, along with advertising and other associated costs, can translate into a hefty investment. And when it comes to temp workers who will only be around for a few days, weeks, or months, the investment and the administrative burden might not be worth it.

Luckily, there’s an easier way to find and hire temp workers: a way that requires less time from your staff and less money. All you have to do is engage a temporary staffing agency.

A Smaller Time Commitment

Of course, feeding endless hours into the hiring process to find and hire temp workers who will only be around for a short time isn’t really worth it. But when you work with a temporary staffing agency, you won’t have to do any of the legwork. The agency’s recruiters will go out in search of qualified temps. The recruiters will review resumes. And the recruiters will interview, vet, and background check the candidates. All you’ll have to do is choose the candidates you want.

Fewer Costs

The money required to recruit and hire temp workers also isn’t worth the investment. But when you engage a temporary staffing agency, all you’ll have to pay is the agency’s fee. The rest will be paid for by the agency itself. You won’t have to spend a dime on advertisement, on drug tests if you use them, on skills tests or performance assessments, or even on lengthy training. Working with a temp staffing firm eliminates all of these costs of recruitment and hiring.

No Administrative Burden

When you hire temps on your own, you’re the one responsible for getting them onboarded with the required paperwork for payroll and HR, and this is a burden that your administrative personnel might not want to take on. Constantly onboarding and paying new temp workers every time you have a short-term staffing need can take its toll on your efficiency and productivity.

But when you engage a temp staffing firm, all of this administrative work will be done for you. The temps will be managed and paid directly by the agency.

Hiring Several Temp Workers Is No Problem

When you have an influx of demand, say during your busy season, then it can be even more troublesome to find and hire several temps at the same time. The work, time commitment, and costs can be astounding, especially when you need specific workers with unique skills, experience, and certification. These complex hiring needs are no problem for your temp agency. Its recruiters will already have a large pool of candidates to call on, so whether you need one or fifty workers, it won’t be a problem.

Hiring on Short Notice Is a Breeze

The average interview process takes 23 days, but when an employee calls in sick or suddenly leaves your employ, you don’t have weeks to dedicate to the hiring process. You need temp workers now. It’s easy to get the workers you need on site, when you need them when you engage a temp staffing firm. Its recruiters have deep relationships with candidates that they can call on at any time, even on short notice.

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