Why Millennial Job Seekers Use These 3 Strategies to Find Top Jobs

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By Bethany Gallea

Topics: Job Search


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Why_Millennial_Job_Seekers_Use_These_3_Strategies_to_Find_Top_JobsThe world of the job search has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. It’s still evolving, even today. For many people who have had jobs for some time, the thought of conducting a job search in this new environment can seem overwhelming.

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If you’re thinking about re-entering the job market after some time away, or you’ve been searching for a job without much luck, take a look at what Millennial job seekers are doing. They’ve been using these three strategies to find the best jobs in the market right now.

1. Job Seekers Conduct Research

Millennials prefer to engage in meaningful work. They want to feel like the work they do is important and the company they work for aligns with their values. Feeling like their work matters is motivating and gives a sense of fulfillment, especially if they can see it makes a difference at the workplace. They also want to be proud of the company they work for.

To this end, Millennials tend to use research a little differently than other job seekers. They’re more interested in the company itself. What does the company do and what values does it have? What difference is it making in the world, and what vision is there for the future?

You can adopt this strategy to find jobs that align with your own values and goals. Do you want to work for a top technology firm, and make a difference in the lives of others? Maybe you’d like to work for a company with a focus on a greener future.

Whatever you prefer, research company values and corporate citizenship. The information you uncover will help you find a job that’s a great fit.

2. Get Active on Social Media

Millennials are the social media generation, so it’s no surprise they’ve also adopted this new tool for their job searches.

Today’s job seekers use social media not only to find jobs but to meet others in their industry as well. This networking allows them to connect with people they might not otherwise encounter. It can also help them discover new job opportunities.

If you’re not already using social media in your job search, it’s time to get on board. A 2017 study found 94% of online Canadian adults have at least one social media account. Networking is important for any professional, no matter where you are in your career. Just be sure to audit your social media beforehand.

3. Be Ready to Experiment

As job seekers, Millennials are more likely to take risks. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll apply to be the CEO of a company, but it does mean they’re willing to look at opportunities in a new way.

Many people still cling to the idea of the corporate ladder, but the reality is that today’s organizations are flatter than before. Opportunity is often a horizontal move between companies. Jobs are more likely to be a series of projects or roles with a number of different workplaces. It’s little wonder the gig economy is in full swing.

Millennials have been adapting to this revised work environment, and many of them even see it as a good thing. They’re more willing to move from company to company and from job to job. They’re ready to experiment with different roles. They see this kind of movement as valuable, since it keeps them learning and building skills.

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