Why You Should Engage a Staffing Agency to Fill Office Positions

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By Lorna Faires

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Why_You_Should_Engage_a_Staffing_Agency_to_Fill_Office_Positions.jpgEmployers are tasked with building highly efficient teams that will allow them to achieve their business goals. In order to do so, they need to hire the right personnel. However, hiring is no easy task. To ensure that you only hire new office workers who will be assets to your company, you should engage a staffing agency.

Times Are Changing

Your hiring process might have been effective in the past, but times are changing. There is now a generation gap and your hiring process might be outdated. Recruiting and hiring millennials requires a totally new hiring process that takes this generation’s needs, differences, and challenges into consideration. For example, millennials value company culture, look for more than just base pay when considering compensation packages, and have different perceptions of what the employer-employee relationship should look like.

Staffing agencies are prepared to deal with these types of issues because their hiring processes match the needs of today’s job seekers. Their recruiters have the experience required to more effectively screen applicants in today’s job market to ensure fit with your company’s goals and culture. When you engage a staffing agency, you’ll benefit from its expertise and experience so you can ensure that a relevant hiring process is used to find the best office workers.

Recruiting Is Time Consuming

If you’ve ever hired a new employee on your own, you no doubt know how time consuming the process is. Writing job descriptions, reviewing applications, calling candidates, interviewing, skills testing, background checking—it all takes its toll on your time. While you’re recruiting and hiring in-house, your other daily responsibilities probably get neglected, reducing your overall productivity.

But when you engage a staffing agency, the recruiters will do all of the legwork. You’ll only need to find time to discuss your needs and make the final decision.

Competition Is Fierce

To ensure that your office runs as productively as possible, you need to hire top candidates who know how to use all of your programs, who are fast and efficient at their jobs, and who don’t make mistakes. Unfortunately, every other employer is looking for the exact same thing. Competition is fierce in the job market. Luckily, though, the best candidates want to work with recruiters because they can also benefit from such a relationship. So when you engage a staffing agency, you’ll have access to more qualified office workers and be able to build the strong office team that you want and need.

Bad Hiring Is Costly

Hiring the wrong candidate can hurt your business by reducing productivity, increasing the risk of costly mistakes, and even reducing morale in the office. You’ll also have to double your recruiting, hiring, and training costs since you’ll be forced to find a replacement for your bad hire.

The key to avoiding these repercussions of bad hiring decisions is to make successful placements from the start—and a staffing agency can help you do that. Recruiters are trained professionals who conduct a repeatable, methodical hiring process for finding and interviewing candidates for clients. They know which red flags to look for and they know which factors indicate success.

Unfilled Office Positions Hurt Your Company

When you have unfilled office positions, your company suffers in a lot of ways. You’ll have to deal with lost productivity while you look for a new hire. And you might add more tasks to your current office staff’s workload until you find a replacement, which can lead to employee burnout, absenteeism, higher overtime costs, and low morale.

A staffing agency can help reduce these consequences in two ways. First, you can hire a temp worker to fill the position on a short-term basis until you find a permanent hire. And second, the staffing agency already has a large candidate pool filled with pre-screened applicants, so you will be able to fill your empty positions much faster.

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