Work with a Staffing Agency to Fill Warehouse and Industrial Positions

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By Lorna Faires

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Work_with_a_Staffing_Agency_to_Fill_Warehouse_and_Industrial_Positions_QuicklyHiring employees can be difficult, time consuming, and tedious, whether you’re looking for temporary workers or permanent employees. But filling warehouse and industrial positions can be even more stressful. The workers you hire need to know what they’re doing. They could be using heavy machinery or special equipment, require specific certifications, and require understanding of workplace hazards and how to prevent injuries on the job. Safety is top priority when it comes to these types of positions. Hiring the wrong employees could put you at a greater risk of liability. But when you have big orders to fill or a busy season is upon you, you need to ensure that your warehouse is operating as efficiently and productively as possible, and this might mean hiring on extra workers.

To make sure you hire the right personnel so your business can continue to work at peak capacity, you should work with a staffing agency, especially when you need your new workers quickly. Here’s why.

Why Hiring on Your Own Isn’t the Best Option

You always have the option of hiring warehouse and industrial workers on your own, but it isn’t always ideal, especially when you’re under time constraints. You might not think that you need to engage the services of a staffing agency, but think about all of the time you’ll be spending writing job descriptions, looking through resumes, and interviewing. It really adds up and your own responsibilities might be put aside until the job is done. And this entire process could take weeks to complete before you can onboard your new worker. Do you really have the luxury to wait that long?

Additionally, when you need to hire people quickly, you might end up skipping the background checks to save time. But if you don’t perform the required background checks to ensure that your candidates are really as capable and qualified as they say they are, you could end up making a bad hiring decision that costs you in the end. You could see reduced productivity or end up with workplace injuries.

What a Staffing Company Can Offer

A staffing agency will not only fill your warehouse and industrial positions, but its recruiters will ensure that you’re hiring the best talent for the jobs at hand, so you can rest easy knowing that the work will get done safely and efficiently.

Plus, you’ll end up saving a lot of time because the staffing agency will do all of the legwork. You won’t have to resort to putting aside your important duties while searching for new workers, so your own productivity can stay at a peak level.

What’s more, your staffing company will be able to fill the open positions in a matter of just a couple days, or in some cases, a few hours. Its recruiters have longstanding relationships with candidates, and if the staffing agency you choose works primarily in the niche warehouse and industrial fields, you can count on its recruiters to have large networks of qualified candidates to choose from. All it takes is a few phone calls and you’ll have a list of top talent to choose from.

Working with a staffing agency will make the entire process of filling warehouse and industrial positions more cost effective and more efficient. You’ll have qualified workers ready to be onboarded sooner than you could expect, so your warehouse won’t be short staffed for long. Whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time employees or some temp workers, you can count on your staffing agency’s team of experienced recruiting and hiring experts to fulfill all of your hiring needs, so you’ll always have a high-performing workforce.

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