4 Ways to Keep Turnover Rates Down with Better Onboarding and Training

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4-ways-to-keep-turnover-rates-down-with-better-onboarding-and-training-thumbHigh rates of employee turnover are a major problem for employers. If you are experiencing low worker retention, the problem may be in your onboarding and training processes.

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If onboarding and training are the cause of your high turnover rates, let’s look at the ways that you can make improvements and start seeing the kind of retention that increases profits at your company.

1. Remember That Onboarding Starts Before the Employee Joins Your Team

Too many hiring managers think of onboarding as something that starts on day one. But really, onboarding should be a pre-hiring process. 

When you make an offer to your new employee, you have the opportunity to set the tone for your ongoing professional relationship with that person. Be clear, concise, and accurate in your communication so that your new hire understands what to expect from your workplace. 

If you want to promote professionalism, punctuality, and positivity in the workplace, set that tone from the very beginning! 

Another great thing about this is that you can help the person feel like a valued part of the team from before their first day. Workers stick around when they feel valued and when you communicate that you want them to be there. There is no reason to wait until onboarding for you to kick off this positive relationship. 

2. Automate When You Can 

Have you ever had the situation arise where you have to input the same information time and time again into multiple databases? It’s frustrating and time-consuming, and it can lead to people feeling like they are not being heard. 

What about repeating the same conversations over and over again with different representatives from a company, because people don’t always do a great job of communicating who is supposed to be responsible for which onboarding tasks? 

Automation is a great solution to these problems. It saves time–for both you and your new hire!

When you automate some of your onboarding tasks, you create consistency across your onboarding processes and eliminate repetition. You can collect information just one time and apply it to multiple forms and purposes across your onboarding goals. 

3. Work with a Staffing Agency

As a professional staffing agency, we can vouch for this one! 

When you work with a staffing agency that has experience with onboarding workers across multiple industries, you benefit from their expertise. Instead of having someone within your company try to refresh their memory about onboarding every time you get a new hire, a staffing agency representative knows exactly what they are doing, every step of the way, because they do this all day, every day!

A staffing agency can alleviate the workload of onboarding workers. That means reducing the number of hours you are paying out to people in your company to onboard new workers. It also means that the process runs more smoothly from start to finish. 

4. Keep Providing Training Opportunities 

People do better when they have opportunities to advance in their careers. 

When you feel like you’re stuck, you can lose interest in what you’re doing. Frustration sets in, as well as discouragement. Why would you want to stick around at a job that feels like a dead-end? 

If you think about training as something that you only offer to your workers once and then you’re done, you will not reap the benefits of high worker motivation. We recommend that you provide your employees with more opportunities to advance through specialized training, professional development opportunities, and even reimbursement for tuition and certification fees. 

Do You Need to Hire More People to Join Your Team?

That’s where Liberty Staffing comes in. We know what it’s like out there right now. It’s hard to find enough employees to do the work of running your business. Ensuring that people want to stick around is just as important as finding the right new team members. 

We can help you find new workers–and then onboard them with strategies to help keep them around! Reach out to us today to get started.

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