5 Fast-Growing Temporary Jobs Right Now

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By Megan Lacombe

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5 Fast Growing Temporary Jobs Right NowOver the past few years, there has been a pronounced shift towards temporary work in Canada. Although full time employment has been growing, so too has the number of temporary positions. As the gig economy moves into full swing, you can expect to see more and more temporary positions available.

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Some sectors hire more temporary workers than others. Some have been seeing more growth in the number of hires as well. Which jobs are the fastest growing temporary positions right now?

1. Temporary Medical Staff

Canada needs more healthcare workers, so it’s no surprise to see any kind of medical-related job land on this list. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities also need far more flexibility than they did in the past, which is why they’ve been shifting to temporary work.

One of the fastest growing areas is personal service workers (PSWs), who may work in the patient’s home or in long term care facilities. Other positions are also in demand, including registered nurses and lab technicians.

Many places hire temporary or contract workers for these positions because they need additional workers to cover vacations, holidays, leaves of absence, and sick days.

2. Manufacturing Temps

The manufacturing industry in Canada is experiencing a renaissance right now. The industry has posted strong growth for the past few years, and many employers are now coming up against a stark reality.

There’s a talent shortage on the market.

This has left employers scrambling to fill positions as production ramps up. To fill their needs, many have turned to temporary and other flexible employment arrangements.

Of course, manufacturing tends to be an up and down industry, so it makes sense flexibility needs to be built into employment arrangements. Manufacturers need to be able to hire people quickly when production picks up, but they also need to scale back just as fast. 

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3. IT Experts

The IT industry has projected it needs to fill around 200,000 positions before 2020. As a result, there’s a talent shortage going on in this industry as well, and it’s only been deepening. If you’re looking for a job in the tech sector, there’s almost never been a better time.

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Since there’s so little talent to go around, many people have taken to hiring temporary workers in the IT sector. As projects come up, employers will hire. When the project is complete, tech workers are free to move on to the next opportunity.

Almost all sectors of the industry have been affected by this, including programming, design, development, and even machine learning.

4. Construction Workers

There’s been a housing and construction boom going on across the country for some time now. As a result, construction workers are more in demand than ever before.

Much like the tech and manufacturing industries, the construction industry is also focused on project-based hires and a flexible workforce. Construction workers can sign on for one project, then move on to the next lucrative opportunity, whether it’s with one employer or another.

5. General Labour

This type of employment is one of the fastest growing areas for temporary employment.

General labour can be almost anything, from painting to cleaning or packaging. As a result, almost every business hires general labour in some capacity.

Since the need for general labourers often increases and decreases according to seasonal patterns, it makes perfect sense employers want flexible employment arrangements.

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Temporary work is growing in almost every industry across Canada. These are just a few of the areas where demand for talented temporary workers has been growing. 


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