5 In-Demand Skills for (Virtual) Administrative Assistants in 2021

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5-In-Demand-Skills-for-Virtual-Assitants-In-2021Administrative Assistants have been in demand for the last few years, and that’s not going to change in 2021. What is changing is where Administrative Assistants work, specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some employers are allowing their Administrative Assistants to temporarily work from home at this time.

If you’re thinking about a new job, then this is a great area to check. What skills do you need to become a successful (Virtual) Administrative Assistant in 2021? 

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Here’s what you should master in 2021.

1. Self-Motivation

This has always been a good skill for Administrative Assistants to have. If you’re working remotely, then you must be a self-starter.

Employers are also looking for people who are good at managing their time, so they can work efficiently from home. Self-motivation and discipline are key, because they mean your employer can trust you to work on your own. Your employer doesn’t need to be checking in on you constantly or micromanaging your day. They will trust that you’ll get what needs to be done on time. 

2. Writing Skills

Administrative Assistants have always needed to have good communication skills. These days, writing takes precedence over oral communication skills.

That’s because you’re apt to have fewer face-to-face interactions with your coworkers or clients. In the past, if you were working in an office environment, then you were likely fielding lots of phone calls and even in-person meetings with clients, suppliers, and coworkers. 

Virtual Administrative Assistants may still handle phone calls and Zoom meetings, but they’re also likely doing more writing. They might be chatting with their coworkers, writing emails to suppliers, or communicating written instructions to a client.

That means you should probably brush up on your spelling and grammar before you apply to become an Administrative Assistant. Also be sure to proofread your application before you submit it. 

3. Computer Skills

It’s difficult to say you need to know X, Y, and Z programs to become a Virtual Administrative Assistant. There are many different software solutions out there, including custom ones. Every employer may use something different. 

Narrowing down a list of particular programs to become familiar with is a bit tough. That said, good computer skills are a must for anyone who wants to become an Administrative Assistant in the age of remote work.

You should have a good understanding of computer basics, including most Microsoft Office programs. You might also want to be familiar with some web based organizational software, like Monday.com, Asana, or any number of other programs. Familiarity with a few different ones is good, especially since different employers may prefer one over another.

You should also be adaptable and ready to learn new skills. Think about upgrading your computer skills to become more proficient with a new program, and to showcase how you’re prepared to keep learning.

4. Skills in Other Key Areas

The best Administrative Assistants have skills in many areas. A wealth of skills helps them effectively deal with the various demands they face on a daily basis.

Marketing and sales skills are valuable to an Administrative Assistant, as are skills in accounting. If you want to level up your skills, then think outside the box and take a course in one of these areas. You’ll be more well rounded and adaptable for it.

5. Multitasking

Working in a home office environment requires people who are disciplined, but it also means you must be good at multitasking. You may need to have several tasks on the go, and you might also be looking at competing commitments in your home/office environment.

That’s why multitasking is such an important skill for Administrative Assistants in 2021.

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