5 Online Job Application Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Job Search


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5_Online_Job_Application_Mistakes_You'll_Want_to_AvoidNowadays, most job applications are online. You may think that applying to a job opportunity online will be easy, with a one-step button process to apply and you're done. However, there's much more to it than that.  

Many job seekers make the mistake of sending an old resume, or sending the wrong cover letter, or apply to the same job opportunity multiple times online. These are a couple of big no-nos. The hiring manager will immediately delete your online application. 

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Here are some common mistakes job seekers make when sending job applications online. Make sure that you recognize these mistakes in order to avoid them in your next job application.

1. Resume with Outdated Information

A common mistake that most job seekers make is sending an old resume with outdated information when applying for a job. How can a employer call you to come in for an interview when your contact information is incorrect? Or worse, what if the hiring manager calls you and the number you have listed on your resume is out of service? Hiring managers will not track you down if you've given the wrong  contact information. You'll be wasting your time sending an outdated resume.

Double check that you have sent your most updated resume when applying to jobs online. 

 2. Cover Letter Addressed to a Different Employer

If you've accidentally sent an old cover letter online, that means that it's addressed to the wrong employer. Yikes. That's a big no-no. A hiring manager will immediately toss your application aside if you've sent the wrong cover letter. Attention to detail is key. 

You'll want to create a new cover letter, and tailor it to the specific job that you've applying to, every time you send out an application. 

 3. Applying to the Same Opportunity

There's no point in applying to the same job opportunity again and again. You'll end up pestering the employer. Most hiring managers will call you to come in for an interview, if you are selected for the position. You'll be wasting your time, as well as the employer's time, by sending multiple job applications for the same position.

If you're worried about whether your job application has gone through online, it's best to simply call the employer. Most hiring managers will contact you if you meet the qualifications for the position. 

 4. Not Looking at the Geographical Location of the Job

Liberty Staffing offers job opportunities throughout Ontario, and we receive job applications from candidates all over the province. When applying to job opportunities, it's important to look at the geographical location of the position that you are applying for, especially if the bus is your main source of transportation. For example, if you are living in Brampton and take the bus, it's not in your best interest to apply to a position in London. 

5. Spelling Mistakes

Having a resume and cover letter that is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is key when applying to job opportunities online. It will leave a bad impression with a hiring manager if they see that your resume is full of errors. It will display that you haven't taken the time, or made the effort, to proofread your resume before you sent it. 

Those were just a few common online application mistakes that candidates make. If you would like further application tips, contact Liberty Staffing today for further assistance.

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