5 Signs a Warehouse Job is Right for You

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Manufacturing


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5_Signs_a_Warehouse_Job_Is_Right_for_YouThe Canadian economy has been growing, and many industries are facing talent shortages. There are quite a few different fields where you’ll find plenty of job opportunities.

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One role you might consider is a warehouse position. There are many different roles employers look to hire for in their warehouse operations. One of them might be perfect for you!

How can you tell if a warehouse job is right for you? Look for these five signs to give you some clues it could be a good fit.

1. You Have a Keen Eye for Detail

If you’re always attuned to the details of your surroundings, a warehouse job might be the right fit for you. You’ll need a keen eye to succeed.

Shippers and Receivers will need to be able to quickly check packing slips and invoices against orders to make sure they’ve sent and received what was ordered. Those working on filling orders will need to match item numbers on the shelves and the order forms. Order Pickers will need to doublecheck they’re pulling the right items from the shelves.

As you can see, a keen eye for detail is integral to efficiency and accuracy in warehouse operations.

2. You Like Operating Motorized Vehicles

Not every position in a warehouse will have the opportunity to use a forklift or power lift, but if working with these kinds of machines is right up your alley, a warehouse job could be a great fit for your career.

You’ll need a certification and formal training to operate machinery (forklift, etc.) in a warehouse. If you think a forklift role might be right for you, it’s worth pursuing this credential.

3. You’re Organized

Are you the kind of person who can spend hours arranging and rearranging books on a shelf or creating colourcoded notes in an organizer? If so, a warehouse job is an option worth pursuing.

Warehouses function on being organized. Those who pick and pack orders need to know where items are located. Those who are busy stocking the shelves and moving received palettes from the loading dock also need to have a great sense of organization.

If you conduct inventory, you might also be involved in helping to organize what’s stored in the warehouse. Your organization skills may not be needed every single day, but they are definitely beneficial in the workplace.

4. You’re a Great Communicator

You might be surprised by how much communication goes on in a warehouse. In fact, it might be said that warehouse operations are nothing but communication. An order is received, and then it needs to be moved to the shelves. Pickers receive orders and select the items from the shelves. Packers ensure everything is ready to be shipped out.

You might imagine all of this takes some coordinating, and you’re right. Received orders have to be unloaded, and people have to be told where to put these items. Without order forms, pickers wouldn’t know what to pick from the shelves or where to look.

That’s why communication skills are so important in the warehouse environment.

5. You’re a Reliable Employee

Warehouses are busy places, especially during peak seasons like the holidays. Employers need to know the people they’re hiring are workers they can count on. Otherwise, orders may not be picked and packed on time, or received loads might sit on the dock for days.

A warehouse job can be both challenging and fulfilling for the right people. Ready to work? Contact Liberty Staffing to help you gain a warehouse job!


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