5 Tips to Ensure a Successful First Week at Your New Job

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: New Job


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5_Tips_to_Ensure_a_Successful_First_Week_at_Your_New_Job.jpgHave you recently landed a new job with Liberty Staffing? If so, congratulations! It can take weeks, even months, to find employment on your own. We're glad that you've found employment with Liberty Staffing.

You've made it through the resume screening and interview process, now it's time to showcase what you've got at your new job! Give it your all from the get-go. We would like to provide you with some tips for your first week at your new position. Read on.

1. Meet the Team

From the moment that you first step into your new work environment, make sure to be open and be willing to meet the team that you'll be working with. Make it a point to introduce yourself to team members. Don't wait for your manager/supervisor to make introductions, take the initiative to do so. This is all a part of building strong relationships with your coworkers.

2. Ask Questions

It's always important to ask questions when you first start working at a new position. It's better to ask questions than to do a task wrong. Since you are new, it's expected of you to ask lots of questions. A hiring manager, and your coworkers, will not mind helping you out and will provide you with further training.

3. Listen and Learn

Sometimes the best way to learn is to watch and listen. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the facility, software, and machinery required to perform your job successfully. Watch coworkers in how they perform the job, and listen while they train you.

4. Get Organized

If you've landed an office job, make sure that you organize your desk the way that you like it. If you're working in a warehouse or industrial atmosphere, be sure to organize your work station to your liking, while keeping safety in mind. This is a simple task that can be completed on your first day.

5. Know Your Responsibilities

Last, but certainly not least, is to become knowledgeable of your responsibilities and required tasks. Try to gain as much information as you can within your first week of work to ensure that you are on the right track from the beginning. Ask your supervisor what the overall goal of your position is, and what they would like to see from you in that first week of work. Then go from there.

We wish you all the best at your new job! Need more tips? Contact Liberty Staffing today!


Megan Lacombe

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