5 Undeniable Benefits of Using Temporary Staffing

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By Megan Lacombe

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5_Undeniable_Benefits_of_Using_Temporary_Staffing.jpgEmployers have been jumping on board with temporary staffing in recent years, and for good reason. You’re probably thinking about doing the same. But before you bite the bullet, you likely want to know what you’re really going to gain by using temp workers at your company.

The benefits of using temporary staffing are varied. The most significant of them are listed below.

1. Ideal Staffing Levels

Being short staffed is never good for business. When your employees call in sick, go on leave, or quit without notice and you’re stuck with a smaller workforce than you require, your efficiency, productivity, customer service, and bottom line can all suffer. But being over staffed in an attempt to avoid these consequences isn’t a good idea either. You’ll just end up paying more in payroll costs than you actually need to pay to get the work done.

One of the greatest benefits of temporary staffing is that you get to maintain ideal staffing levels at all times. You’ll never be short staffed because you can hire temp workers to fill in whenever you need. And you’ll never be over staffed because you won’t have to hire and pay additional permanent employees when you don’t really need them on full time. When you have budget cuts or reorganization, you can send back those temporary workers to the staffing agency, without having to lay off anyone or pay severance. This can keep your payroll costs down while keeping productivity up, at all times.

2. Happier Employees

You know that happy employees are productive employees. If you’re overworking your current workforce, morale will dip, customer service will suffer, employees will be less loyal and less engaged, and you’ll probably face a higher turnover.

Temporary workers can take the stress and pressure off of the shoulders of your current workers. Instead of overworking and overburdening your employees, you can give them the helping hands they need. When your employees are happier, your entire organization benefits. And this is worth a lot.

3. Cost Savings

One of the most exciting benefits of using temporary staffing comes from the cost savings you’ll receive, which come in many forms.

Your fixed payroll costs will definitely be reduced. You won’t have to provide benefits such as workers’ comp, vacation days, retirement security, or health insurance to temp workers. You also won’t have to dish out as much cash on overtime pay if you use temp workers when you’re short on staff.

You’ll also reduce your training costs. Your temp workers will be skilled and experienced. And your temporary staffing agency will handle any onboarding and additional training that might be needed.

4. Time Savings

When you hire temp workers through a temporary staffing agency, you’ll save a lot of time. You won’t have to handle the recruiting and hiring functions in house. You won’t have to provide training. And you won’t even have to manage any payroll, HR, or compliance functions when it comes to your temps. As their legal employer, your staffing agency will help with the hiring process and take care of all of these time-consuming and tedious administrative tasks, so your in-house team won’t have to.

5. Reduce Hiring Risks

Did you know that you can hire your temp workers? If a temp employee really stands out and is a great asset to your team, you may be able to hire them on full time. Being able to test out employees ahead of time, to see their skills in action and to see how they work within your existing team, can significantly reduce your hiring risks. When and if you’re ready to hire more permanent employees, you can look to your temps to see if any of them fit the bill instead of taking a risk on a new employee based solely on their resume and interview skills. You can build the strongest team possible when you use temporary staffing as a means of hiring permanent workers.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of using temporary staffing? Contact Liberty Staffing today.

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