7 Hiring Process Tips from a Staffing Agency

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring


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7-Hiring-Process-Tips-from-a-Staffing-Agency.jpgIf you’ve ever worked with a staffing agency, you’ll know this—they are absolute pros when it comes to hiring. After all, successfully finding candidates and placing them in relevant positions is their job, and they do it very well. 

When you begin your own hiring process, it would be incredibly worth your while to try some of these tips from a staffing agency.

1. Perfect the Job Description

Job descriptions need to be clear and precise. Vague information can cause you to be inundated with applicants who aren’t suitable for the available position. You should list the necessary qualifications while also giving a thorough run-down of the responsibilities associated with the position. This way, if the prospective candidate recognizes it’s not something they’d be interested in, they can self-reject at an earlier stage.

2. Emphasize the Benefits

Many job listings focus exclusively on the necessary qualifications and skills required for application. While highlighting qualifications is an important part of ensuring applications are of a higher quality, they should also share the space with other details that can help draw candidates in. 

For example, speaking about corporate culture and the various ways in which job seekers can benefit from working at your company is a great way to reach the right type of candidates.

3. Embrace Social Media

Social media has become one of the top ways in which recruiters and staffing agencies connect with prospective candidates.

As a hiring tool, social media has become incredibly powerful, with sites likes LinkedIn and Twitter offering companies and recruiters the chance to broaden their reach and gain access to talent that might have previously been inaccessible.

If social media is not a part of your current hiring strategy, it needs to be. Create a profile, network with others, and learn more about potential candidates.

4. Focus on Soft Skills

The technical requirements for a position are definitely important, but so are the soft skills that get less attention during the hiring stage. Soft skills refer to the personal characteristics of the candidates, such as their ability to communicate effectively or listen attentively, which can help them excel in a role.

While qualifications are important, studies have found that it’s actually soft skills that make the most difference in terms of how well new employees adapt to their new working environments.

5. Improve Your Interviews

Interviews are a two-way street; while the interviewees need to be on their A-game, so does the interviewer. One of the biggest reasons why companies end up saddled with employees who are not a good fit for the position is due to an interview process that fails to suss out candidate compatibility.

Staffing agency recruiters place a great deal of emphasis on the interview as a means of ensuring they hire the most qualified candidates.

6. Make Hiring a Priority Year-Round

The last thing you want is to be stuck in a bind and forced to make hiring decisions that you wouldn’t otherwise make. Many companies don’t have a hiring strategy in place until they actually need to hire; this is a big mistake.

Any staffing agency will tell you that the key to successful hiring is being prepared. In order to be prepared, hiring should be something you’re thinking about all year round, not just when you’re looking for a new employee.

7. Maximize Onboarding

The onboarding process is absolutely crucial to the future success of an employee. When companies don’t offer comprehensive onboarding for new employees, they’re apt to experience a much higher rate of turnover, which can be very expensive. A staffing agency working with a company will help with onboarding for exactly this reason, and it’s a hiring tip that should be widely implemented.

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