7 Job Skills to Improve Your Career That Require No Degree

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By Betty McEvoy

Topics: Career


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7-job-skills-to-improve-your-career-that-require-no-degree-thumbSearching for a new job is frustrating under the best of circumstances, but constantly hitting barriers because you don’t have the degree required to apply can take that frustration to a new level. Even applying for a new position at your own company is demoralizing if you feel like those jobs are always going to applicants with a university degree. 

The good news is that there are ways to improve your career without a degree! Building certain relevant and transferrable skills will make you a better candidate with more opportunities. Better yet, you can work on developing these skills while you’re working your current job or even before you get your first job!

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1. Communication Skills

No matter the industry you are in, communication skills are incredibly valuable! You can focus on developing strong communication skills at work, in any clubs or organizations that you are a part of, or anywhere else that you need to express yourself clearly and effectively!

Develop your written skills by practicing various formats, including emails, reports, and proposals. A writing class here or there can help, too, without needing to get an entire degree. There are even free online classes designed to help employees improve their written communication skills. 

If the thought of speaking in front of a crowd makes you quake with fear, that’s ok! You can hone your verbal skills by seeking out public speaking opportunities or leading meetings at your current job. The more you speak in front of others, the better you will get at communicating in a professional setting. 

2. Technological Skills

These days, all workplaces are digital workplaces. Technical skills are a must-have for any job candidate. 

If you invest your time in learning platforms like Excel, SQL, Salesforce, and industry-specific software, you will make yourself much more marketable–even without a degree in technology. Focus on building on skills that you already have. If you can build a simple spreadsheet, why not take an Excel class to take your skills to the next level? 

Start by learning about the skills that are required for the industry in which you want to work. Then, seek out online courses, tutorials, and certifications, many of which are available for free or for a very low cost. Don’t forget to add your new technological abilities to your resume!

3. Project Management

Project management is the work of overseeing multifaceted projects, managing budgets, producing work on a timeline, tracking progress, and adapting to changes as needed. This is a great skill to have if you want to advance into a leadership role, even without a degree. 

When you’re interviewing for any position, highlight your experience with any of these aspects of the project management process. Organization is an incredibly important skill in project management, and emphasizing your organizational skills is a great way to show that you have potential for future project management work. 

Something simple you can do to give yourself an extra edge is learn to navigate a few different project management platforms. If you know your way around Asana or Teamwork, that could put you ahead of your competition! 

4. Data Analysis

Conducting data analysis means gathering, interpreting, and visualizing data so that decision-makers can make informed choices on the best course of action for the company. 

There are certifications in data analytics that will help you develop these skills. You can also seek advice from anyone in your current organization who works with data management to find out what they recommend. 

If you are applying for a position that requires data analysis, emphasize on your resume and in your interview that you are great at crunching numbers, spotting trends, and communicating data-driven insights clearly and concisely. 

This skill is ideal for job seekers who are looking for positions in marketing, operations, finance, or sales. 

5. Foreign Language Skills

Canada is part of a global economy, and there are millions of multilingual Canadian families. Having strong foreign language skills gives you a huge advantage over other job seekers. 

Choose a language to study based on your career goals and interests. Then, make use of language apps or local community courses to learn as much as possible. There are free, low-cost, and top tier programs. The more that you can immerse yourself in the language, the better! 

Fluency in another language shows employers that you can communicate effectively with a lot of different people: customers, clients, coworkers, and more. It also demonstrates that you are dedicated to learning!

6. Leadership Skills

Work on developing your leadership skills, including decision-making, motivating others, developing talent, and managing conflict. These skills will help you advance in any industry!

In addition to leadership workshops and seminars, you can also read books on leadership styles and development–a great way to learn with minimal cost! Check with your current employer to see if they offer reimbursement for leadership training, as many employers see the value in fostering leadership skills in their current workforce. 

7. Trade Skills

Trade skills can be learned through apprenticeships, degree or non-degree programs, and on-the-job training. This is one of the best ways to advance your career! It is so important to learn skills that will help you excel in plumbing, welding, electrical work, carpentry, HVAC servicing, and more. 

As a skilled tradesperson, you can qualify for well-paying jobs with high job security. These skills can even enable you to launch your own business with flexibility and great pay. 

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