7 Things You Never Knew about Staffing Agencies

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By Lorna Faires

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7_Things_You_Never_Knew_about_Staffing_Agencies.jpgYou may think you know all you need to know about staffing agencies, but you may be surprised by the real truth. Many candidates only seem to know the fictions conveyed by persistent myths that plague the staffing industry.

If you want to know some real facts about staffing agencies, you’ve come to the right place.

1. They Go By a Variety of Names

When looking for help finding a job, you might get quickly confused by the different options: staffing agencies, recruitment agencies, recruiters, employment agencies, staffing firms, and headhunters. The good news is you don’t have to be confused, because all of these terms basically mean the same thing. No matter the name, all of these types of companies perform the same function—they find candidates for clients.

2. They Work in Virtually Every Industry

One myth that might make you steer clear of staffing agencies is that they are only useful if you’re seeking admin work. But this isn’t true at all. Today, staffing firms place candidates in jobs found in virtually every industry. Whether you’re looking for work in the medical field, finance, IT, manufacturing, or anything in between, the right niche agency can be of great help to your job search.

3. They Recruit for both High-Level and Low-Level Jobs

Think working with a staffing agency will only result in low-level work? Not true. These days, staffing firms place candidates in even the highest level jobs. It’s not just for low-level work that anyone could do. Staffing agencies are constantly seeking out professionals for CFO, COO, and CEO positions and other managerial C-level positions. So if you have a wealth of experience, education, and specialized skills, a staffing agency is still a great way to find a high-paying job in your field.

4. They Provide both Permanent and Temporary Staffing Solutions

Many candidates avoid working with recruiters because they believe it’ll only result in temp work. Although many staffing companies place workers for temporary assignments, many also offer permanent staffing solutions. And even the temp work can turn into permanent employment thanks to temp-to-perm opportunities. If you’re looking for permanent, full-time work, don’t discount staffing firms.

5. They Offer Candidates Access to the Hidden Job Market

One of the greatest aspects of working with a staffing agency is that you’ll get access to the hidden job market. The large majority of jobs aren’t publicly advertised. Many companies outsource the hiring for their open positions exclusively to staffing companies. These client companies know that having a staffing company do the hiring will save them time and money and lead to better hires. So if you’re tired of seeing the same old job ads that you have no interest in, it can pay dividends to work with a staffing firm in order to gain access to other job opportunities that aren’t advertised.

6. They Offer Other Services, Too

A staffing agency will do more than just place you in a job. Its recruiters will offer you interview tips and help you with your resume. They will negotiate hours and salary for you. And many will also arrange for free training, so you’ll benefit from new aptitudes and improved skills while also finding work.

7. They Don’t Take a Cut from Their Workers’ Cheques

Far too many job seekers incorrectly believe that recruiters take a cut from their pay cheques. Of course, this thought will make you run for the hills and stay far away from staffing agencies. You want every dollar that you’ve earned. But the truth is no reputable staffing agency will ever take a dime from its workers. Staffing firms get paid by their clients, not their employees.

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