Can Staffing Firms Staff Multiple Locations?

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By Megan Lacombe

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Can_Staffing_Firms_Staff_Multiple_LocationsMany businesses work with staffing firms to meet their employee needs. After all, you want to work with the best and brightest. Sometimes, you may need some additional help, even for just a couple weeks or a couple months. Maybe you’re busy or maybe your company doesn’t have an HR team who can help you hire.

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Whatever the reason, there are plenty of good ones to be working with a staffing firm. If you operate multiple locations, however, you might wonder if partnering with a staffing firm is really the right choice. Can agencies staff multiple locations?

Here’s why you should partner with a staffing firm, like Liberty Staffing, if you have multiple locations.

An Easy Solution

If you have multiple locations for your business, you might wonder if the staffing firm solution will work for you. In most cases, businesses that partner with staffing firms have just one location. The staffing firm then works with the client business to find workers to staff positions at this location.

While things can be slightly more complex if you’re operating multiple locations, the answer is yes, staffing firms can staff multiple locations. In fact, it might be one of the easier solutions for business owners and hiring managers who need to hire for multiple sites.

An Example

Suppose you’re a factory owner who operates two locations. The plants are relatively close to each other, but they’re in separate towns. You need to hire for positions at both locations. A staffing firm can most certainly help you do this.

Now suppose you’ve just hired a number of people to work at one location. As their contracts are winding down, however, you realize you need a few people to fill open roles at the other location. Working with your staffing firm partner, you may be able to have some of the workers from Site 1 moved to roles at Site 2. The experts at the staffing agency can also help you find additional workers to fill these roles.

In some cases, you may be able to create flexible work contracts, which will allow employees to move between the two sites as necessary.

Getting the Right Fit

You can see how the example would be applicable in any number of industries. If you work in retail or the hotel industry, working with a staffing firm could help you staff multiple locations. A construction company could benefit, as could a company offering office maintenance and janitorial services.

What’s important here is getting the right fit for your business. In the example above, the factory owner had two job sites that were near each other but in separate towns. One concern might be getting workers from one site to the other. Your staffing firm partner will help you ensure the people you hire have the mobility you need.

In addition, they’ll help you determine who has the skills needed for the job. They’ll also work with you at the end of contracts to see if the people who did a great job can stay on with you longer, as you need.

The Flexibility You Need

Today’s business world is more competitive than ever before, and business owners must stay on their toes to keep up. As an employer, you need a flexible workforce. Staffing firms can help you achieve one by helping you fulfill your staffing needs. Whether it’s full time permanent or part time temporary, a staffing firm can help you find the people you need.

Staffing firms can also help you achieve flexibility among multiple locations. If you’re a business owner who operates more than one site, consider working with Liberty Staffing. We can help you find the people you need on your team to succeed.

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