Effective & Efficient Ways to Fill Empty Positions at Your Company

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Empty Positions


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Effective__Efficient_Ways_to_Fill_Empty_Positions_at_Your_Company.jpgYou know how important your employees are. They’re integral to your company’s success. They’re your biggest assets. So you need to hire as effectively and efficiently as possible in order to have the best talent on your team.

When you have empty positions to fill at your company, using your in-house hiring process might not be the best way to go. In fact, hiring in house often leads to hiring mistakes, increasing turnover and costs and reducing productivity.

It’s time to get strategic about filling your empty positions—to make hiring a top priority. It’s time to engage a staffing agency. Here’s why.

Better Quality of Hire

Most HR specialists lack incentives to hire effectively and efficiently. All they want to do is fill those empty positions and get the task off their plate, to get back to their other responsibilities. They might not be diligent or dedicated enough to the process. They might only rely on online job boards to find active candidates because recruiting passive talent is too time consuming. And often, they don’t even have metrics in place for hiring. As such, the quality of the hire might be lower.

The recruiters at a staffing agency, though, are fully dedicated to not only filling empty positions, but filling them with the best talent. Their own success and reputation depends on it. So they think outside of the box. They reach out and develop relationships with top talent. And they have sound, repeatable hiring processes in place to find and hire the best candidates every time, leading to a higher quality of hire.

Faster Hiring

Often, your internal hiring team will take too long to hire. Either they’re too preoccupied with other responsibilities or they’re having trouble finding qualified candidates. Every day that your empty positions go unfilled, though, is another day that your productivity is reduced. This can result in a loss of revenue, damage to your relationships with clients, and even damage your reputation.

Niche staffing firms in particular—those that work within specialized industries—can save you time, which will result in faster hiring. They have large applicant pools filled with tons of warm candidates that they keep in touch with—all who have been pre-screened and pre-approved, all who have the skills and experience you’re looking for. Instead of spending weeks or months on your in-house hiring process, you can have new hires on site in a matter of days. All the recruiters have to do is consult their candidate pool to find the applicants who match your needs.

Better Candidate Experience/Positive Impact on Employer Brand

Every time you market under your brand, you send messages about your company. And these messages can impact the way you are perceived by candidates. A staffing agency can represent your business in the most professional manner to improve your employer brand as well as the candidate experience.

For example, recruiters have the time required to respond to all candidates quickly and to move through the hiring process without hiccups. Your in-house team just might not have the time—candidate emails might slip through the cracks, interviews might get canceled or postponed due to their schedules, and they might take too long to make a final decision, and this looks bad on your company.

Fill Empty Positions Cost-Efficiently

Filling empty positions should be done in the most cost efficient way. You might consider a staffing agency to be an added expense, but in fact, partnering with one can reduce your costs. Outsourcing is less expensive than the cost of having an in-house team, a well-developed career site, a recruitment system, and paying the fees associated with advertising, background checking and skills assessments.

In addition, because you’ll get higher quality applicants, you’ll be able to reduce your turnover, and thus, reduce the costs associated with it, too.

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Megan Lacombe

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