Fill Industrial Positions Quickly with a Staffing Firm

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By Megan Lacombe

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Fill_Industrial_Positions_Quickly_with_a_Staffing_Firm.jpgHiring industrial workers is a difficult job in the best of times. But when you’re short for time, it becomes an almost Herculean task. No matter how well you plan your recruitment and hiring strategy, things can go wrong—and they will. Your workers could get hurt and have to go on leave. They could have family emergencies that make them unable to come into work. They could quit without notice. Alternatively, you could also suddenly get bombarded with orders. Either way, you need to find more workers—fast. You need to have enough industrial employees on each shift to manufacture, process, and ship out your orders in order to meet customer demand. If not, you could lose business in the future.

Qualifications Are Critical

If you needed to find some low-level workers at the drop of a dime—workers who aren’t required to have any special skills or experience—then finding them wouldn’t be that difficult. But when it comes to hiring for industrial positions, you need qualified workers. You need to hire people who have the right certifications and qualifications to be able to handle the job safely. They need to be able to spot warehouse hazards and avoid workplace injuries so you can minimize your risks and liabilities. You also need them to have experience so they can get working right away without much training. You need them to have the right skills so you can meet customer demand without any hassle or delay.

Why Hiring on Your Own Won’t Produce Results

Trying to recruit and hire for industrial positions quickly is no easy feat. If you had thought ahead, you might have been able to build a database of qualified candidates who provided you with resumes, interviewed with you, or networked with you when you didn’t have positions opened. But now it’s too late to go that route. You could try to tap into your networks, but what are the chances that you’ll be able to not only find qualified industrial workers, but find some who are available for work right away?

So you consider just going through your typical hiring process. But posting job ads, waiting for resumes to roll in, and then reviewing these applications, interviewing candidates, and performing background checks takes time. Too much time. You simply won’t be able to hire industrial workers quickly enough if you start your hiring process from scratch. And if you think that you can rush the process and end up skipping critical steps, like the background check, you could end up making bad hiring decisions just because of the time crunch. And this isn’t good for business. You could end up with an unqualified worker who will get hurt on the job, damage your property, steal from you, and put your other workers in danger. The risk just isn’t worth it.

Engaging a Staffing Firm Is Your Best Option

When you need to fill industrial positions quickly, the best option you have in front of you is to engage a staffing firm. Find a staffing firm that works within the warehouse and industrial niche, and you’ll have new workers ready to work in no time. You see, staffing firms employ recruiters who are constantly looking for new talent. They’re scouring job boards, networking in the industry, and developing relationships with qualified professionals. Once you call requesting some workers on site quickly, the recruiters will already have connections with people who fit the bill. They won’t be starting from scratch. The staffing firm will just call up its existing pre-screened candidates, so you won’t have to wait very long. In a few days, or even in a few hours, you can fill your industrial positions with people who know what they’re doing and can do the job safely and professionally.

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