How to Use a Staffing Agency for Your Warehouse Expansion

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how-to-use-a-staffing-agency-for-your-warehouse-expansion-thumbIt’s an exciting time in warehousing! The industry continues to grow, and many companies find themselves ready to expand. Tackling an expansion project requires a lot of details to come together just right–and staffing is just one piece of the puzzle. 

Don’t let your staffing needs be a source of stress while you are working on growing your business. Instead, trust an experienced staffing agency like Liberty Staffing to help you find great new team members and manage payroll.

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Avoid Being Understaffed–Or Overstaffed!

Understaffing is a serious problem facing many companies today, but overstaffing can be a problem, too. If a business panics over being understaffed, then overcompensates by doing a major hiring campaign, management may end up being in the uncomfortable position of having too many employees.

Suddenly, there are difficult decisions to be made about who gets to stay and who doesn’t. Staffing agencies know how to help you avoid these extremes. One of the best strategies? Using temporary workers! 

Temporary staffing gives you flexibility to hire lots of people to meet your expansion needs. Because these valuable team members are only hired for a certain amount of time, there are no surprises when the time ends and you allow the contract to expire. 

If you want to retain a great employee in a more permanent role, you can always offer the position to them. But when you fill your open positions with temporary employees in your warehouse, you don’t have to lay people off when the busiest season has passed. 

Scale Up Quickly 

Another benefit to working with a staffing agency is that things can happen fast. Instead of dealing with job listing sites, a drawn-out interview process, and potentially haphazard onboarding, a staffing agency manages all of that for you. They can fly through those tasks faster than you even realized was possible!

Staffing agencies have deep networks of connections within the community. A good agency will know how to quickly get the word out to interested, qualified candidates about your positions. Often, they will hear from job seekers who already have applications, resumes, and background checks on file. 

That means that as you expand your warehouse, you can go from needing lots of workers to having all the workers you need–quickly!

Outsource Time-Consuming Tasks

Managers already have plenty to do. And when you’re working on an expansion project, it can be so frustrating to spend your time taking care of payroll issues, paperwork, HR tasks, onboarding new employees, and other necessary tasks. 

These things are important, but you need to be focused on what you’re there for: things like increasing profits, reducing costs, improving processes, and growing the business.

Working with a staffing agency means that you are able to outsource so many time-consuming tasks. Don’t get bogged down with staffing work when there are highly qualified staffing professionals who can shoulder the load. 

Spend Less, Make More

Have you thought about the ways in which using a staffing agency can actually help you save money? 

Businesses that hire through a staffing agency have better worker retention rates, first of all. They also pay out less overtime, because they aren’t understaffed. Additionally, they don’t need to hire a dedicated HR worker to manage payroll and hiring, because the staffing agency does it for them. It’s a win all around. 

Make Your Warehouse Expansion Run Smoothly: Talk with Liberty Staffing Today! 

At Liberty Staffing, we’ve been helping businesses in Southern Ontario manage their staffing needs for over two decades. Our responsibility is to match great employers with great employees, and we’re good at it!

In addition to finding these great workers for your team, we also handle many HR tasks, including payroll management and compulsory employee training programs. 

We would love to talk with you about your current warehouse expansion project and how we can help you make everything run more smoothly. 

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