How Your Business Can Benefit from the Flexibility of Temp Staffing

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By Megan Lacombe

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How_Your_Business_Can_Benefit_from_the_Flexibility_of_Temp_Staffing.jpgThough you likely already have a great staff, there are still many situations where you might find yourself in need of the flexibility offered by temp staffing. Emergencies occur and so do unexpected boosts in demand. When you need more hands on deck fast, you simply can’t afford to go through the prolonged hiring process in-house—and in many instances, you don’t really need more permanent workers, you just need quick, short-term help.

Temp staffing can provide myriad benefits for your business. A few of them are detailed below.

Never Be Short Staffed

Being short staffed can have a negative ripple effect in your business. Your current employees will inevitably become overworked when they have to take over the extra duties. Productivity will suffer when you don’t have enough people to cover shifts. Customer service can also go downhill when you don’t have enough workers to meet their needs. And you could end up getting a bad reputation as a result of all of this.

But temp staffing can allow you to always have the right amount of people working all of the time. Whether an employee called in sick, had to leave for a family emergency, or quit without notice, your business won’t have to suffer.

Improve Employee Morale

Your permanent staff members have their own lives to worry about. They don’t want to have to cover night shifts or weekend shifts. And they don’t want to have to work overtime or perform extra duties because of your staffing problems. Temp staffing offers you an alternative to the inevitable dip in employee morale that you’re going to face if you stack too much work on your employees. Instead of overworking them, you can hand off the additional work, the special projects, or the unwanted shifts to your temp workers.

Eliminate Overtime

Overtime can be costly, but when you’re stuck in a sticky situation, you might not have any other choice but to pay time and a half to your employees. Instead of taking on this unnecessary expense, you can use temp staffing as a solution. You’ll be covered for all of your shifts, but won’t have to pay so much for it.

Reduce Your Overhead

When you’re trying to be lean and mean in order to stay competitive, you have to reduce your overhead costs in order to see higher profits. And temporary staffing can help. When you need extra hands on a short-term basis, it often isn’t necessary to hire more permanent employees. When you hire temporary workers instead, you won’t have to pay a full salary or health benefits, you won’t have to pay into CPP, taxes, or EI, and you won’t need to increase your administrative costs associated with HR, health and safety, or compliance.

Bridge the Skills Gap

When you have special projects come up, you might require a level of expertise not found in your current workforce. In this type of situation, hiring a quality temporary worker that is skilled and experienced in the type of work you need done is ideal. Temporary staffing can help bridge the skills gap at your company. You will ensure that your projects are accomplished successfully, without having to pay a high price for the full-time salary of the specialized employee.

Expand without Worry

At one time or another, you’re going to want to expand, but you might be hesitant due to the costs and resources associated with an expansion, especially if things don’t work out as planned. You don’t want to hire on several more workers and find out that your efforts have failed, just to have to lay off those hard-working individuals. You can expand worry-free when you take advantage of the flexibility offered with temp staffing. Add some extra team members for the extra work, and if you find that you don’t need them anymore, you can send them back to the temp agency.

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