5 Things to Expect From a Professional Temp Staffing Firm

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5_Things_to_Expect_From_a_Professional_Temp_Staffing_FirmA professional temp staffing firm can be a great help when you have recruitment needs. Whether you have a busy season coming up, you’re short staffed, have a special project that needs to be handled or you just need some spare hands once in a while, hiring temporary employees can be highly beneficial to your company and your bottom line. A professional temp staffing firm can fill all of your temporary positions for you. Here are five things you can expect from a temp staffing agency.

1. Quality Hires

One of the toughest tasks you face is finding the right candidate. In a sea of mediocre and even good workers, it can be difficult to find the ones that are right for your organization—ones that fits your work environment, have the right personality traits, have enough experience, and have the learned skills that you’re looking for. Hiring temp workers takes effort, and it’s unfortunate when all that effort ends and you realize you’ve made the wrong hiring decision.

When you engage a professional temp staffing firm, you have access to representatives who have recruitment expertise and experience. They’re trained to spot the great workers and weed out the bad and they’re skilled at matching the right employees with the right employers—that is above far more than just job performance.

2. More Time

One of the biggest recruitment challenges businesses face is time. The time it takes to search for appropriate candidates, sift through dozens of resumes, and interview applicants, can be overwhelming. Once you begin your search, you might be surprised at just how much time the process is taking away from your other duties.

When you engage a professional temp staffing firm, you’ll be free to dedicate yourself fully to your other business responsibilities. The agency will take care of all the steps mentioned above for you. They’ll also take care of all the administrative paperwork associated with the recruitment process—leaving you with more time.

3. Compliance

Staying compliant means doing your due diligence. But this takes an incredible time commitment. Laws are constantly changing, and staying up to date can be challenging if you don’t have enough time. You can also easily become non-compliant without realizing it if you don’t have a full understanding of current employment laws. But with a professional temp staffing firm, you don’t have to worry—their legislative experts are there to take over this task for you.

4. Cost Savings

Many organizations wrongly believe that hiring a professional temp staffing firm is out of their budget. But the fact is you can actually save money when you work with a staffing firm. Until you sit down and crunch the numbers, you probably won’t realize how expensive of an undertaking it is to recruit temp employees on your own. The job ads, time away from your other responsibilities, and commitment to staying up to date on legislative compliance all cost money, and it starts to add up quickly. However, you have no hidden costs when you engage a staffing firm, and you only pay for what you need.

5. You’ll Be in Charge

It can be difficult for an employer to hand over hiring duties to an outside firm. However, with a professional agency, you’re always in the loop. You have the final decision on every hire and you have access to all the documentation you need. A firm’s representatives will always be open and honest with you, and will work with you throughout the recruitment process. You’ll still be in charge.

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