Know Your Rights: Workplace Safety Tips for Employees

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: workplace safety


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Know Your Rights- Workplace Safety Tips for Employees.jpgWorkplace safety applies to people in all industries, and it doesn’t solely pertain to physical stress. Workplace safety tips are essential in maintaining both physical and mental health of employees. It is the responsibility of both management staff, the staffing agency, and employees to be in the know of how to keep their workplace as safe as possible.


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Safety is everyone’s responsibility. When starting a new job, always make sure you have the necessary information regarding your rights at work. You have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Let us discuss some workplace safety tips for employees.

Avoid Any Falls or Injuries

Employers and employees alike need to know all the workplace safety tips. Make sure the workplace is not only clean, but also devoid of any cracks or gaps in the floor, roof, or anywhere else in the company facility. Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice anything irregular, make sure to make it known. Do not wait for someone else to report it. Even a small crack in the floor should be reported to a supervisor.

Have Sufficient Breaks

Ensure you have appropriately timed breaks during the day. Even if you have a deadline, do not overwork yourself to the point of distress. Make sure you give yourself time between tasks to clear your head and breathe. Additionally, always make sure to eat during breaks. Forgetting to eat due to high stress levels could result in a dangerous health risk.

Managers, if you notice any unhealthy behaviour from your employees due to overworking, make sure to address the concern as soon as possible.

Workplace Wellness

Continuing from the note of high stress levels, it is important that your company places importance to workplace wellness. If your job consists of you sitting at a desk at all hours, get up every so often and walk around. Move your body to get your blood flowing.

Workplace safety isn’t just about injuries and broken equipment. It also concerns your mental state in addition to the physical state. Recognize signs of any discomfort with your body or state of mind and proceed to reassess your workplace or the way you do your work.

Follow the Rules and Wear the Appropriate Gear

Employers, it is essential that you put your new employees through the necessary training sessions before they start working. You must make sure that all the workplace safety tips for employees are understood and accessible before your workers start in their roles.

Employees, if your job is in manual labour and consists of tasks such as lifting or operating machinery, ensure that you are aware of all the rules and procedures before starting. Typically, when lifting heavy objects, make sure to bend at the knee to avoid straining your back. Make sure you use the correct forms to perform all of your various tasks. Lifting as a team is also an option, but do not lift anything that is too heavy for you. You have the right to limits; let your supervisor be aware of them.

If you were given gear to wear for work, make sure you wear it at all times. Most worksites require CSA approved safety boots or shoes. Abide by all the rules in order to ensure your safety.

Safety in your place of work is everyone’s responsibility. When everyone is committed to a safe work environment, morale and productivity will soar.


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