Minimum Wage is Increasing in Ontario on October 1, 2020

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By Megan Lacombe

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Minimum-Wage-is-Increasing-in-Ontario-on-October-1-2020Liberty Staffing Services is an independent staffing agency with multiple branch locations across Ontario. We help job seekers find work, and provide local businesses with flexible staffing solutions. 

We would like our employees to know that effective October 1, 2020, minimum wage in Ontario will be increasing by 25 cents. 

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Here's some more information about the minimum wage change

Current Minimum Wage

Presently, minimum wage in Ontario is $14 per hour. Some of our employment opportunities currently pay $14 per hour. If you are an employee out working for us, and you are currently being paid $14 per hour, this means that you will automatically receive a 25 cent increase per hour.

The New Minimum Wage Increase

On October 1, 2020, minimum wage will be increasing from $14 per hour to $14.25 per hour. If you're currently being paid minimum wage, your pay will increase accordingly. 

If you are an employee of Liberty Staffing, and you are currently being paid more than $14.25 per hour, you will not see an increase in your pay. 

If you have any questions regarding the wage increase, contact your nearest Liberty Staffing Services branch. Once of our recruiters would be happy to help you. Liberty Staffing Services connects great people with great jobs! 


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