Need a Job? Let a Staffing Agency Help!

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By Lorna Faires

Topics: Staffing Agencies


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Need_a_Job_Let_a_Staffing_Agency_HelpJob searching often seems futile. You send dozens if not hundreds of resumes to companies without a single call back. You spend hours and hours checking out job boards, researching businesses, writing cover letters, networking, and attending job fairs and still you get nowhere. You’re still unemployed. Your bills need to be paid. You need income. But you don’t know how to maximize your job search.

There’s an option you might not have considered: letting a staffing agency help! When you employ the services of a staffing agency, you’ll reap multiple benefits, like the ones below.

They Take Over Much of the Work

Much of the work involved in your job search is tedious. All of the online research can be quite time consuming and mentally draining, from looking up opportunities on job boards and figuring out if you qualify to reading up on companies via their websites and contacting hiring managers.

When you work with a staffing agency, you’ll have professionals doing this work for you. They’ll find the opportunities, contact the employers, and get you to the interview stage. All you have to do is sit back and let them do what they do best.

You Get a Team of Professionals on Your Side

The representatives you’ll work with at a staffing agency know what they’re doing. They’re professionals who are skilled at matching candidates with job openings that suit their needs. They’ll be able to find you awesome job opportunities that match your skills, experience, and career goals. They won’t waste your time with jobs you won’t be interested in.

Agencies Have Access to Hidden Job Markets

Many companies use staffing agencies exclusively to find new workers. That means they’re not posting open positions on job boards or anywhere else. If you were working at getting a job on your own, you wouldn’t even know about these great opportunities. 

Your staffing agency will have access to hidden job markets, so you can expand your search and have a chance at positions that you wouldn’t be able to apply to on your own. And because your staffing agency will have excellent relationships with so many companies, your representatives will have some pull when it comes to getting you a job that you really want.

It’s Not Just Admin Temp Work

If you’re looking for temporary work in order to have increased job flexibility, to learn new skills, or to gain experience for your resume, your staffing agency can get you into some great companies. But that’s not all these agencies are about. They also place workers in permanent jobs or temp-to-hire positions. And they’re not just focused on administrative positions—they work in a wide variety of fields, from the financial sector and IT to manufacturing, warehousing and everything in between, so you’ll be able to find an agency that can open doors in the field you’re looking to get into. You’ll be one step closer to being in your dream job.

Agencies Want You to Succeed

You might wonder why a staffing firm would work so hard to get you a great job all without taking a dime from you. It’s simple—agencies are hired by companies to find top talent. It benefits them to place you in a position that you’ll succeed in. The happier and better you are at the job, the better they look to their clients. So they’ll always work hard to find you job opportunities that match your interests and skill level and they’ll make sure you’re comfortable and prepared and have all you need for the best chance of success.

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