Should You Use AI Tools to Write Your Resumé?

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By Jodie Verberne

Topics: Your Resume, Resume Writing, AI


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Liberty Staffing-should-you-use-ai-tools-to-write-your-resumé-insetCreating a great resumé package takes considerable effort and dedicated time. Not only do you need customized cover letters, but you often need different versions of your resumé based on each position you apply for.

Since the explosion of generative artificial intelligence (AI) that hit the consumer market recently, job seekers now have the option of delegating this work to robust AI tools. But should you?

No matter what you decide, Liberty Staffing can help. We’ll advise you on how to write cover letters that work and how to easily update your resumé for multiple uses. If you want to refine and focus your job search to get better results, contact us today.

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The Question of AI Help for Resumé

If you’re wondering whether AI assistance is right for you, Forbes have some advice. While you can always give it a try, they say the key to success is using AI “collaboratively.”

This means that AI has its place in helping you enhance “human insight, creativity, personalization and tailoring, and unique experiences to convey your passion for the role.” It also means that AI can be quite helpful in situations like suggesting ideas for a starting point if you don’t know how to begin or finding keywords in a job description that you can use in your cover letters and resumé.

In these ways, AI can help improve your chances of landing an interview. But keep in mind that using AI tools could also undermine your chances. Because AI tools are trained on existing data and information, you could end up using plagiarized content that today’s recruiters and hiring managers are trained to spot. Because of this, your job application could be rejected. Take care to run the elements of your resumé package through a plagiarism checker first before clicking “apply.”

Advantages of Using AI Tools

In addition to checking spelling and grammar, AI tools can suggest the best structure and format for your resumé and cover letters that highlight your qualifications. AI tools can also help you save time customizing your resumé package. Because AI content is generated using specific job descriptions and a list of your skills, the process of adjusting the content for each job application becomes faster.

AI tools can improve your chances of passing the first candidate screening by helping you identify preferred keywords used in resumé analysis software. Because AI takes your entire career history, experience, skills, and achievements into consideration, it can also give an objective assessment of your fitness for a job’s requirements.

Disadvantages of Using AI Tools

Besides sounding robotic, too general, or impersonal, AI content can be full of mistakes. AI software is capable of gathering outdated or incorrect information, so it’s essential to verify its correctness and relevancy before using it.

If you’ve taken a unique or unpredictable career path or have gaps in your work experience, AI tools may not know how to position you as a strong candidate for an open position. The content may misrepresent your qualifications. It’s important to work in tandem with AI tools. Invest your time and perspective by reviewing job descriptions and figure out how you qualify for specific jobs on your own and add your personal touch to all of your application documents. Remember, AI tools won’t help you in an interview, so you better be prepared to make a great impression by yourself.

Writing a Strong Prompt is Critical for AI Success

The instructions and information you give to an AI assistant to generate a response is called a prompt. You’ll likely include all the personal information you’d want on your resumé, but prompts can also be questions, keywords, or writing samples. Your prompts should be specific and well-structured, with lots of detail.

For resumés and cover letters, you’ll likely want to include your job title, experience and skills, relevant keywords, your motivation for applying, passion for the work, or a specific reason for why the job appeals to you. You should also explain the tone and style of writing you want and the specific parts of your career history to include. If you have one, provide an example of the type of resumé or cover letter you want and ask for the same style or structure.

Make the First AI Draft Your Own

AI uses natural language processing and deep learning algorithms to understand and learn from prompt material so it can generate a first draft based on its training. But AI can’t do it all without you. It’s essential for you to review the AI output carefully and refine it to your liking.

Make sure the information is clear and up to date, with no mistakes in the interpretation of your experience related to the job description. Edit wording that doesn’t sound original and rewrite generic phrasing so you stand out from the rest. Make sure the content sounds like your own voice—or have your AI assistant rewrite it in a more conversational tone. Finally, always proofread and then proofread again—so your application documents are error-free.

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