The Top 8 Ways a Staffing Company Can Improve Your Job Search

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the-top-8-ways-a-staffing-company-can-improve-your-job-search-thumbWhether you’re just starting your job search or feeling stuck, turning to a staffing agency is likely the best choice you can make. For many reasons, staffing agencies are an essential tool for anyone actively seeking a new position this year. 

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Here are 8 ways a staffing company can make your job search successful. 

1. Staffing Agencies Improve Your Job Search Through Established Relationships with Employers 

Staffing agencies build long-lasting relationships with employers in their region, often across multiple industries. These relationships give them insight into which companies are hiring and what positions they are ready to fill. 

A staffing agency can get your application directly into the hands of the hiring manager at the company where you want to work. Plus, when they vouch for you, that says a lot about you to a potential employer. A staffing agency is an advocate on your behalf.

2. They Understand the Local Job Market 

Staffing agencies understand the local job market more than anybody else. This in-depth knowledge allows them to predict when certain jobs will become available, when each industry will need to increase its staffing needs, and what trends will affect hiring in the following weeks and months. 

This is why staffing professionals can guide you on which skills you should develop, what you should put on your resume, and how to fill gaps in your background to score a great job. 

3. Staffing Professionals Know How to Make You Look Great

A staffing firm will advise you to polish up your resume, and prepare for an interview. That may include practice interview questions, resume editing, and other forms of advocacy on your behalf. 

A staffing agency serves as a liaison between employees and their potential employers. They know what different employers are looking for and how to impress each one. Sometimes, it can be difficult to know what to share about yourself to demonstrate your skills and abilities effectively; staffing agencies know how to help you communicate these things.

4. Often, Staffing Agencies Have Access to Unposted Jobs

There is no legal requirement for employers to post their open positions publicly, which is why you may not realize just how many businesses in Ontario never post their open positions online. Staffing agencies have access to these unadvertised job openings, thanks to that deep network of employer contracts. 

Staffing professionals often learn about new positions before they’re posted. This advanced notice can be used to your advantage as you improve your job search! Get your resume submitted early, before the competition has the chance. 

5. Staffing Pros Can Give Feedback on Your Interview Performance 

Most of the time, when someone goes through the interview process, they either get the job or get notified that someone else got it. Rarely do you get the opportunity to receive feedback on your performance. 

It can be a little intimidating to be told, “Here’s why you weren’t hired,” but that information can be invaluable. When the staffing agency gets feedback on what went well and what didn’t, they can provide you with that information – and also guidance on how to improve. 

This information will help you prepare for your next interview. 

6. They Proactively Market You to Employers

Staffing agencies don’t just know about open positions – they also know when you may be an ideal fit for a company that isn’t officially hiring right now. 

In these circumstances, the staffing agency may take the initiative to reach out to an ideal employer and pitch you as a strong candidate. 

7. Staffing Agencies Encourage Good Pay on Your Behalf

When you receive a job offer from a staffing company, they actively encourage a good compensation package, including salary, and other work arrangements, from the client company. This can take the pressure off of you during the hiring process. 

A staffing agency has expertise in this area, and their knowledge benefits you immensely. However, the pay rate, and any other benefits offered, is ultimately decided by the client company. 

8. They Can Help You Find the Position That’s Right for You

If you have heard that staffing agencies only hire temporary employees, let’s correct that misunderstanding. 

Staffing agencies fill a wide variety of positions, including temporary positions, permanent positions, seasonal work, and both part time and full time jobs. 

Temporary work is a great way to learn new skills, try out new industries, and get your foot in the door with companies that only hire temporary employees at first. But if you are looking for a long term position, staffing agencies can help with that, too. 

Choose Liberty Staffing to Help Improve Your Job Search

As you can see from our list, partnering with a staffing agency can provide you with invaluable expertise and connections you wouldn’t otherwise have! 

If you’re looking for work in Southern Ontario, Liberty Staffing should be your top choice. We are an established staffing company with 24 years of experience. We have thriving relationships with employers throughout the region and are happy to use those connections to find you a great next job! 

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