Temporary Work Can Help You Pay Off Your Student Debt

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By Megan Lacombe

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Temporary_Work_Can_Help_You_Pay_Off_Your_Student_Debt-1With the average cost of higher education increasing each year, it’s no wonder that 77% of Canadian graduates have regrets about student debt. But graduates (and current students) don’t have to resign themselves to dealing with massive debt. With Canada’s gig economy on a steady rise, temporary work is a viable solution for making progress on loan repayments.

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Canada’s gig economy is not only booming, it offers flexible work that students can take advantage of in more ways than one. If you’d like to know how temporary work can contribute to a more prosperous start to post-grad life, keep reading!

Earn Savings and Relevant Experience

Temporary work allows you to land jobs when it’s most convenient for you. There are many seasonal positions available these days, especially during peak productivity seasons like summer. There are many reasons to take on a summer job, one of the chief reasons being that you can earn money for your tuition while gaining relevant experience for your resume.

Seeing as most company internships are often unpaid and don’t always sharpen relevant hard and soft skills, temporary jobs offer a rare chance to prepare yourself for a career after college. The skills you learn in your temporary positions will also benefit your academic life, improving such areas as time and project management, team building, and emotional intelligence.

Balance Work and Studies

College students, whether part time or full time, often have slim pickings when it comes to landing a paid job that’s flexible enough to balance with studies. You’re probably quite familiar with how the academic workload can often be the equivalent of a full time job’s workload. While balancing work and school is possible, it’s not ideal.

Temporary work by its very nature is something that you can work into your schedule where time allows or tackle during your school breaks and vacations. Since most temporary jobs are short engagements with no long term commitments, you can manage your work life much easier than if you had a permanent part time job. You can also choose to complete multiple placements in temporary positions during your summer or winter vacations if your schedule allows.

If you land temp work via a local staffing agency, like Liberty Staffing, you also won’t have to worry about a long commute. Many businesses in your neighbourhood are partners with staffing agencies, and many of their temporary positions are offered exclusively to these agencies. That last point leads us to our final way that temporary work can help you pay off your student debt.

Build a Professional Network

Your temporary jobs help you get your foot in the door with multiple companies in varying industries. For instance, if you’re being placed in temporary positions via Liberty Staffing, you may make connections with companies in the office, warehouse, and industrial industries. If you’ve made a great impression during your placement, your employer might even consider hiring you on full time if you’re about to graduate.

Even if you don’t get hired after your placements are completed, the people you meet on the job and your employers will make great references for other companies you apply to. Not to mention, you might get an internal referral from one company to an associate company.

Temporary work helps you pay off your student debt because it’s the perfect middle ground between permanent work that’s difficult to land straight out of college and unpaid internships. With flexible and well compensated placements that also bolster your career readiness, you might find that your student debt is almost negligible by the time you cross the graduation stage.

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