Top 6 Tips for Job Searching Online

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top-6-tips-for-job-searching-online-thumbJob searching online doesn’t have to be a hassle! You can streamline the process by working with Liberty Staffing  Services. Reach out to us today to find a new job that suits your skills and lifestyle.

Improve your odds of securing a job you love by avoiding common mistakes and missteps. Let’s look at 6 top tips for job searching online and finding the right fit.

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1. Decide on a List of Dealbreakers

What are your must-haves in a new job? Some employers simply aren’t offering jobs that suit your schedule, skills, or style. Create a list of the qualities and benefits your next employer must offer in order for you to consider applying. 

Look at factors like whether the employer meets the standards in Canadian laws regarding vacations, holidays, and time off. Determine whether you’d be a good fit in terms of your available hours and the positions they have open. Consider the geographic area you’re using for online searching and, if applicable, factor in whether they allow remote or hybrid work.

By creating your personal list of dealbreakers, you avoid wasting your time or theirs. This speeds up the process and allows you to focus on your best prospects.

2. Polish Up Your Online Profiles

Before job searching online, go through your profiles on employment and social media sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Ensure everything looks professional and polished, even if it’s on your personal profile. The internet is a public place!

Delete any old, outdated information and unprofessional photos or posts that don’t present you in a positive light. Imagine how your online information would look to a stranger who doesn’t know you.

In the digital world, candidates are often judged quickly by their online profiles and listings. Like it or not, employers sometimes browse through social media channels before deciding whether to contact candidates for phone interviews or in-person interviews.

3. Make Skill-Based Employment Matches

Before you prepare for an interview, you’ll need to prepare for the initial screening process employers use to locate new candidates. Most of Canada’s top employers use digital platforms to help them manage the high volume of job applicants. 

Ensure your skills match the job descriptions for the positions you’re seeking and brush up on any missing skill sets. Any keyword in the job description should be added to your cover letter and application. In interviews, mention specific abilities and background experiences that align with the job tasks.

More than half of Canada’s employers report having workers who are not proficient enough for all job tasks. You may possess skills and knowledge potential employers need, so share this information with them during the job application and interview process.

4. Maintain Professional Communications

Always stay calm and professional in all interactions with prospective employers, from the first interaction to the end of the process. Follow their rules for submitting applications digitally and/or via a certain staffing firm. An applicant who won’t follow the rules rarely makes it to the hiring phase.

Remain formal, positive, and professional in all communications, even if they choose not to arrange an interview at this time. Many employers keep electronic applications on file for future hiring, so you don’t want to ruin a potentially positive future relationship.

5. Respond Quickly and Enthusiastically

If you respond to potential employers slowly, you’ll erode your chances of connecting with them quickly enough to seize hiring opportunities. The hiring process moves slowly at some companies, but at others, it moves faster than you might expect. 

Apply immediately, even if an application deadline is weeks or months away. When they ask a question, answer right away. Show your enthusiasm!

This is especially important when an employer reaches out to you to arrange an interview or follow-up call. Fast responses indicate you’re an eager job seeker who will react just as quickly on the job after you’ve been hired to represent their company.

6. Work With a Staffing Company for Expert Matches

When you work with the right staffing company, you’ll improve your odds of connecting with high-quality employers who need your skills and expertise. Liberty Staffing works with people and companies throughout Southern Ontario to make excellent employment matches.

Liberty Staffing Services has been matching talented employees with Canada’s top employers since 1999 and we stay at the leading edge of digital hiring innovation. Turn to us to find your next job and improve the trajectory of your career. 

We make your job search easy and effective! Contact Liberty Staffing today.


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