What to Look for This Holiday Season in the Part Time Job Market

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By Linsey Harmer

Topics: Holidays, holiday season work


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What-to-Look-for-This-Holiday-Season-in-the-Part-Time-Job-MarketMany employers have already started to plan for the upcoming holiday season. Countless industries find themselves in need of more employees during the holidays as they prepare to move more inventory, handle more shipments, staff more hours, and so much more. 

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Why Do Companies Hire Part Time Staff for the Holidays? 

Hiring holiday staff is incredibly useful to employers. If they have to ask their current workers to fulfill all the hours and workload of the holiday season, they will end up with overworked and overtired employees. Plus, they’ll have to spend a lot more on overtime.

Onboarding part time and temporary workers increases the productivity of the business without overwhelming the current workforce. It is also a great way to test out new employees to see who might be a great fit for long term, full time employment.

Manufacturing Industry Jobs

Manufacturers ramp up their processes to prepare for the holidays, too. After all, the merchandise sold by retailers during the holiday season has to be manufactured by someone. Leading up to the holidays, manufacturers have to plan for increased fabrication and assembly numbers, changes to capacity needs, and adjustments to the logistics side of business. But it’s not just on the manufacturing floor. 

During the holiday season, manufacturers deal with increased shipping needs, more communication with vendors, more staffing hours to get the back-end work done, changes to the supply chain, and adjustments to truck and warehouse capacity. All of this leads to manufacturers increasing their workforce for part of the year, especially between July and December. 

Warehouse Positions

During the holiday season, activity in warehouses is booming. Many positions need to be filled, including shipping and receiving positions, forklift operation, general labour, materials handling, and plenty more. Warehouses will often increase their hiring in September and October to prep for the winter holiday months.

Looking for Part Time Seasonal Work? Liberty Staffing Can Help!

At Liberty Staffing, we connect great seasonal workers with their perfect job matches. We would be happy to help you find a great position, whether you would prefer a customer-facing job, warehouse position, or industrial career. We help people who are brand new to these industries, as well as folks who are looking for additional work in a field where they already have experience. 

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Working in the diamond mines in the Northwest Territories and the oil sands of Northern Alberta, I wore many administrative hats. From recruiting and onboarding, safety orientations and document control, budgeting and invoicing! After retiring my career at the remote sites, I focused my energy into working directly as a dispatcher and head recruiter for a placement agency in Victoria, BC. Upon my return to Ontario, it was just fitting to continue my work that I love here with Liberty Staffing Services. Work doesn’t end a 5pm! At home on the horse farm, I am constantly working in my garden and in the winter months in my garage building things for the garden for the following spring.

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