Let’s Take a Look at Different Warehouse Positions & Opportunities

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lets-take-a-look-at-different-warehouse-positions-opportunities-thumbPeople often recommend warehouse work to job seekers, but sometimes that advice is a little vague. What do people mean by “warehouse work,” and what options do you have if you decide that it’s a good career for you?

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Understanding the various positions and opportunities available in the warehouse industry will help you figure out what your next step should be. 

General Labourer

General labour is a great job for people who are brand new to warehouse work. These positions don’t require specialized training. As long as you’re good at picking up new skills and performing basic labour tasks, you are likely to qualify for these positions. 

General labourers perform tasks assigned by their employer in a variety of settings throughout the warehouse. That includes maintenance, debris removal, janitorial services, cleaning services, lifting materials, using tools, and more. 

Warehouse Associate

Similar to a general labourer, a warehouse associate performs general tasks for their supervisors. If you get a position as a warehouse associate, you will probably do things like picking and packing orders, loading shipments, and taking inventory. Sometimes, you will work alongside other positions, like receivers.

Warehouse associates can be entry level positions, or they can require some experience or training. 

Forklift Operator

Forklift operators move shipments from one location to another within the warehouse. Shipment inventory needs to be moved from its delivery location to its appropriate storage space, and outgoing shipments must be transferred to the loading dock. 

Forklift operators sometimes work alongside coworkers from other departments, such as receivers and warehouse associates. They may have to organize inventory or move items that are located on high shelves. 

Unlike other jobs in the warehouse, forklift operators do require specialized training, and many forklift operators find it beneficial to get a forklift license

Material Handler

A material handler assists with the processes of picking, packing, and inventory management. They need to be trained in how to operate a forklift, and most forklift operators view the transition to materials handler as a promotion. That is because materials handlers also drive other motor vehicles in the warehouse, such as cherry pickers, pallet trucks, and industrial lift trucks. 

Materials handlers are expert pallet stackers, and they use both automatic and manual packaging machines in the course of their work. 

Shipping & Receiving Specialist

These workers play an essential role in the warehouse. After gaining some warehouse experience, individuals can apply to shipping and receiving positions, where they pick orders, pack orders, and receive shipments. 

If you want to go into warehousing management, this is a great position to aspire to first. You’ll get some management experience as you sequence orders, verify inventory, contribute to quality control, and track orders. 

Warehouse Manager

You will be eligible to apply for warehouse management positions after you have accumulated some experience in the industry. Warehouse managers oversee or participate in tasks in each of the above areas, including operating motor vehicles, overseeing inventory management, and supervising teams of warehouse associates and shipping and receiving specialists.

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