Why Proper Onboarding and Training is So Important in the Manufacturing Industry

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why-proper-onboarding-and-training-are-so-important-in-the-manufacturing-industry-thumbThe manufacturing industry has a high demand for talented, qualified people. Speed up the recruitment process and make the right hiring match with Liberty Staffing Services! Contact us today about your manufacturing roles in Ontario. 

Here are some reasons why onboarding and training is essential for new hires in Canada’s manufacturing industry.

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Filling the Skills Gap

Statistics Canada reports an ongoing skills gap in the labour force. More than half of Canada’s employers say their workforce does not have the full proficiency to perform at required levels. 

The skills gap is especially pronounced in the manufacturing sector, which has Canada’s fourth-highest skills gap among all industries. This phenomenon is expected to continue through to at least 2030, as an older generation retires, and manufacturers battle to hire qualified younger workers.

How do onboarding and training fill the skills gap? They kickstart information acquisition. New hires need education about topics like job duties, company expectations, and common misunderstandings in the manufacturing industry. 

A new manufacturing worker might bring old, out-of-date assumptions from their previous employer. Immediate instructions and training will refresh their point of view and ensure they’re now working with the most accurate information.

Complying With Canada’s Labour Code

Proper onboarding also prevents employees from accidentally doing things that create hazardous situations and violate the law. Something as simple as a one-day instructional seminar could prevent dozens of safety incidents later.

Training is critically important in any federally regulated workplace under Canada’s Labour Code, which holds high standards. These regulations make a great starting place for workplace guidelines that benefit manufacturing employees and employers alike.

Building Confidence and Critical Thinking

The manufacturing industry relies on using advanced technology and processes. A recent hire may need extra help adjusting to complex tech and unfamiliar procedures, so training provides a smoother path to success in their new job.

After learning the basics and becoming more familiar with the operation, a worker’s confidence builds. Now there’s room to bring critical thinking skills to the role, sparking efficiency and productivity. This can even lead to greater workplace morale as employees relax into their roles and feel a sense of team camaraderie.

Professional development is a common request among highly talented workers. Over time, it helps employers attract the best manufacturing employees because word spreads about the positive and proactive work environment.

Onboard the Right Way With Liberty Staffing Services

Today’s top jobs in manufacturing incorporate onboarding and training into attractive hiring packages. Improve the odds of connecting with the right match for your next role by working with a reputable staffing company.

Liberty Staffing Services works with manufacturing employees and companies throughout Southern Ontario to make excellent employment matches. We’ve connected talented people with the area’s top manufacturing employers for 25 years! Contact Liberty Staffing today!

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