Why Students Should Apply to Temporary Agencies This Summer

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By Lisa Hutchinson

Topics: Job Search


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Why_Students_Should_Apply_to_Temp_Agencies_This_SummerThe summer has finally arrived for most university and college students. As exams and essays fade away into memory, your thoughts may begin turning to what you’ll be doing for four long months before school resumes in September. You might even be thinking about how you’ll pay your tuition or your rent when the fall season rolls around.

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Applying for a summer job may be high on your priority list. You may think you’ve already missed out on the best opportunities, especially if you haven’t been applying for work since March or April. This isn’t strictly true. Many companies in many industries hire all year around. Many of them will have suitable positions for students all summer.

If you’re going into your last semester or year of school, you might also be wondering what you’ll do when you graduate. In all these scenarios, one of the best things you can do is apply to temporary agencies.

What is a Temporary Agency?

A temporary agency is designed to match job seekers and employers with temporary roles available in their companies. Temporary roles may come about because of an increase in productivity. They might also be available because of vacations or other extended leaves.

Temporary agencies work directly with employers in a number of different industries to find the best matches for the positions they have available. Employers benefit because they find the skilled workers they need to fill these temporary roles.

How Do Temporary Agencies Benefit You?

Working temporary jobs has many advantages for you. First and foremost, you are gainfully employed and earning wages. This is superior to working an unpaid internship or volunteering to gain experience in an industry of interest to you, particularly if you have bills to pay.

As mentioned, you’ll be gaining valuable insight and experience into the industry you choose to work in. You may discover where your passions and talents lie, or you may discover a role you thought was for you isn’t the dream job you thought it was.

Finally, a temporary job can help you build both your skills and your resume.

Why Apply This Summer?

You may wonder why you should apply to work with temporary agencies this summer. If you’re a student looking for work, it’s a great way to land jobs in short order. You want to fill in the gaps this summer. Maybe you’re trying to pay for your fall tuition or maybe you have a student loan or rent to pay.

Temporary agencies will help ensure you’re employed all summer long. While some positions will be of short duration, you can move on to the next position with relative ease and speed. It’s a great way to keep yourself busy, earning, and learning this summer.

Applying to temporary agencies this summer is a particularly good idea for those students who may be graduating next semester or next year. Once you’ve graduated, you’ll begin the hunt for a permanent position. Finding work through a temporary agency like Liberty Staffing can help tide you over until you find something permanent. By starting with an agency now, you’ll already have your foot in the door when you graduate.

How to Apply

There are many different temporary agencies out there, so students will need to do some research before they begin applying. Not every agency works in the industry you’re interested in, and not every agency will be able to deliver the same service or the same level of care and expertise.

Do some research and shop around before you begin applying to agencies. Keep an eye out for job seeker favourites and highly recommended agencies, like Liberty Staffing. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to help steer you in the right direction.


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