World Day for Health and Safety at Work

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: workplace safety


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World_Day_for_Health_and_Safety_at_Work.jpgApril 28th marks the World Day for Health and Safety at Work, as well as Workers’ Mourning Day. This day promotes the prevention of occupational accidents in the workplace, and commemorates workers who have been killed, injured, or suffered illness due to workplace hazards.

At Liberty Staffing, we take health and safety very seriously. Workplace safety is our number one priority. Our policies follow Ontario Ministry of Labour legislations, and we preform multiple safety checks at our client sites before we place out any candidates, to ensure that the working area is safe. 

Though we commemorate this day only on April 28th, every day we have the ability to prevent workplace accidents. Every day is a new chance to improve health and safety in the workplace.

If you are a worker, you have the right to refuse unsafe work. If you are a business owner or manager in need of more information about health and safety standards in Ontario, please visit the following websites, or contact Liberty Staffing directly. We would be happy to give you more information.

Every worker deserves to return home safe and sound. Safe work saves lives.

WSIB Ontario

Ontario Ministry of Labour


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