4 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Hiring Process

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4-Proven-Ways-to-Speed-Up-Your-Hiring-ProcessWhen there are more open positions than available workers, employers have a much harder time finding qualified candidates. 

If you want to speed up your hiring process, contact us at Liberty Staffing. We help companies find great candidates, including temporary, part time, and full time workers. We take care of the recruitment process for you.

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Here are some additional ways that you can speed up the hiring process. 

1. Revise Your Job Listings

Take a look at your current job advertisements. Are they clear and descriptive? Do they communicate the specific needs of the position, or do they cause confusion and uncertainty in applicants? You could be missing out on great applicants because they don’t find the listing or know that the job is right for them. 

Check out our recent blog post called 5 Tips for Writing an Enticing Job Listing. In it, you’ll find some great advice about how to make your listings stand out from the crowd. 

Many employers never think to add anything about their company culture in their job listings. When workers are in short supply, providing information about your company’s morals and culture can make a huge difference in the kind of responses you get. 

Right now, you are selling yourself to potential new hires, so show them what makes your company the one where they want to work! 

2. Communicate Quickly with Candidates

Something that will doom your candidate search is waiting too long to get back to people. Right now, workers have their pick among lots of different workplaces. It’s definitely an “early bird gets the worm” situation.

Whether you have someone responding to inquiries or you use an automated software system to generate replies, it’s important to respond quickly and consistently. If you don’t, you will end up missing the best candidates who have already been scooped up by other companies. 

This will prolong your overall hiring process. 

3. Hire Temporary Workers

Temporary workers are often ready to start work immediately. While other new hires need to give reasonable notice to their previous employers, temporary workers tend to be ready for an immediate start date. 

Here’s a bonus: hiring temporary workers is also a great way to determine if someone is the right fit for your business. You can keep the team member until the end of their contract or extend their contract. Often, qualified temporary workers become some of the best long term, full time employees at a company. 

4. Outsource Your Staffing Processes

Job seekers are turning to staffing agencies to find their best options and speed up their job search. Employers can take advantage of the same support structures to find candidates and hire them quickly. 

The role of a staffing agency is to connect employers and employees, making the hiring process easier on everyone. When you outsource hiring to a staffing agency like Liberty Staffing, we do the work for you. 

Your staffing agency can manage all the recruitment functions that take time, money, and energy that you could be spending on the day-to-day operations of running your company. Plus, you get the expertise of staffing and recruiting professionals, which means you aren’t going through the trial-and-error process that often slows companies down when hiring new team members. 

Additional benefits of working with a staffing agency include things like: comprehensive management of payroll, health and safety training, and other government-legislated employer responsibilities. They can also provide job-specific, customized testing of candidates to ensure that the people you hire can perform the job successfully. 

Do You Need Workers Now?

If so, you’re not alone! As companies return to their pre-2020 capacity and begin to grow, they need workers.

Liberty Staffing alleviates the stress of finding, screening, and hiring new employees. Our services for employers are thorough and beneficial to countless industries! 

Reach out to us today to learn more about how Liberty Staffing can speed up your hiring process and make sure your company is running at its fullest potential.

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