4 Tips for Dealing with Workplace Absence During COVID-19

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4-Tips-for-Dealing-with-Workplace-Absence-During-COVID-19-1-2This is an unpredictable time in the pandemic. Vaccination rates continue to increase, but the Delta variant is making everything complicated again. Just as many workers were preparing to return to the office or the workplace for the first time since the pandemic began, we are now back to a lot of uncertainty.

Liberty Staffing has been helping companies (and workers) deal with the uncertainty throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support employers in this ever-changing situation. 

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As you work with your team, what are the best ways to deal with absences that are a result of COVID-19? Here are 4 tips for dealing with COVID-19 related absenteeism. 

1. Don’t Forget That There are Many Kinds of COVID-19 Related Absences

Testing positive for COVID-19 is not the only reason why someone would need to miss work. Close-contact tracing means that people will sometimes need to quarantine because they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive. 

Parents and caregivers may also be affected if someone they are responsible for becomes ill or is in quarantine for a close-contact exposure. 

All of these situations add up to the potential for a lot of missed work days this year. Be patient as everyone on your team works hard to stay safe and follow the most recent guidelines for quarantine and isolation. 

2. Allowing Remote Work May Lead to Less Absenteeism

Have you considered letting your workers be fully remote, regardless of whether or not they are in quarantine? 

There are plenty of debatable aspects of hiring remote workers or allowing some (or all) of your employees to work from home. It is definitely popular with workers, and some employers have noticed increased productivity from their teams. 

One thing that it can definitely accomplish is the creation of more consistency. It may be easier to consistently work from home instead of coming in for a few weeks, getting contact traced and quarantined, going home and working for two weeks, returning to the office for another week, getting exposed again, and so on. 

Another way that hiring remote workers reduces absenteeism is that individuals who are at high risk for complications of COVID-19 can work safely from home. This can reduce worker anxiety and increase their performance.

3. Hybrid Teams Can Be Great (When They Have Great Leadership)

A team is considered to be hybrid when some workers are on-site and others are at home. This is a great solution for handling workplace absences when your employee isn’t sick but is stuck at home. 

Allowing people to work remotely while quarantined means your productivity won’t suffer even as you have absent workers, but it is important to recognize that hybrid teams need special management strategies. 

Check out our advice about how to lead a hybrid team. We have seen countless clients use a hybrid approach in the last 18 months, and with thoughtful leadership and a few changes in management practice, it can work really well! 

4. Use Technology to Your Benefit

Don’t forget to look into the technology tools that are available to help your workers communicate effectively, regardless of where they are. 

That includes tools designed to improve communication, easily share files and documents, protect your data, and make sure everyone has the tools they need to perform their jobs from anywhere in the world. 

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