4 Ways Using a Staffing Agency Will Save You Money

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4-ways-using-a-staffing-agency-will-save-you-money-thumbIn your business, it is important to protect your budget and use your resources wisely. Whenever possible, you should be seeking out opportunities to save money and run your business more efficiently. 

Hiring a staffing agency is a perfect way to trim hiring costs, save time and energy in the hiring process, and keep a successful team working together. The expertise of a staffing agency ranges from expanded knowledge in your industry to offering different hiring options than you can in your own human resources department.

Liberty Staffing can help you build and keep your ideal team of employees while cutting your hiring costs in the process. Contact us today to find out more about how we can fill your empty positions and save you money. 

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Read on to see 4 ways using a staffing agency will save you money.

1. Cut Out Upfront Hiring Costs

Certain steps and costs are necessary when you’re searching for the perfect candidate for your open positions. Each part of the process takes time and the various hiring costs add up quickly.

One example of the costs associated with a candidate search is advertising. Your open positions should at the very least be posted on your website and your company’s LinkedIn page. But to broaden your search, you may consider implementing sponsored ads or posting on various job boards.

Not only do these steps cost money, but there is no guarantee that they will deliver the candidate you need! This is where the skills and candidate pool of a staffing agency cut out the advertising costs as well as the time you would be spending sorting through resumes and holding interviews.

2. Lower Turnover Costs

Employee turnover is an expensive part of your company’s budget. The changes we have seen in the workforce over the past few years have caused a staggering increase in turnover rates. Details like compensation and schedule flexibility play a large role in an employee’s decision to stay with a company or move on.

A staffing agency has the resources available to stay on top of current salaries and benefits being offered in your industry to help you put together the best package to obtain and keep the best talent available. On the other hand, using a staffing agency also protects you from wasting money hiring and onboarding candidates who turn out to not be a good fit for your position.

3. Reduce Overtime

When you have open positions in your company, the extra workload falls on your current employees resulting in an excess of overtime pay coming out of your payroll budget. When you hire a staffing agency, they can quickly find the right people to fill those positions to protect your employees from burnout and save you money on overtime costs.

4. Save on Costs of Benefits

Every employee you hire adds a long list of expenses to your business’s bottom line. On top of the regular salary of the position, you will be paying out benefits such as insurance, vacation, and retirement. It’s estimated that the true cost of an employee is somewhere around 1.2 to 1.4 times their salary.

Let your staffing agency handle these costs! Whether you are hiring temporary employees or temporary to permanentyou can save a substantial amount on the costs of benefits when you let a staffing agency absorb those costs for you. 

Liberty Staffing: Saving Your Business Money on Hiring Costs

A staffing agency has so much more to offer than just finding someone to fill your open positions. It’s easy to forget just how much money you can save by hiring a staffing agency to handle your hiring needs. 

At Liberty Staffing, we find great candidates and pair them with great companies. We want to help you save money and run a successful business with ease.

We’re ready to match you with the perfect candidates for your business and lower your bottom line. Reach out to Liberty Staffing today

Our staffing representatives are ready to pass along their knowledge and provide you with consistent quality time after time. We have the answers and will provide you with the personal attention you deserve to fill your positions quickly with the best candidates available. 


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