5 Administrative Skills You Can Learn from Home

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5-Administrative-Skills-You-Can-Learn-From-HomeIn the post-lockdown world, many people will be looking for new jobs. Some may have been let go from a previous job, or an employer had to close their doors. Still others will be rethinking their career paths, wanting a role that fits their new routines and lifestyle better.

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Even if you’re happy on your current career path, you might be wondering how to upgrade your administrative skills to better manage working remotely. Now’s a great time to sharpen your skills, or learn a new one. There are plenty of online courses that can help you make yourself more marketable in a newly competitive job market.

So, which skills should you invest in? If you’re considering administrative positions, then these five skills are a safe bet.

1. Upgrade Your Microsoft Office Skills

Most offices use Microsoft products, whether it’s Windows or Office 365 or MS Teams for remote meetings. Most professionals should know how to use Microsoft software, and Administrative Assistants are no exception.

You may need to use Word to write memos or letters, while Excel is used for scheduling or accounting. MS Teams could be useful if your office has a remote team or conducts video chats with clients. Other programs, like Outlook, PowerPoint, and more, can also be useful.

You might also want to look into courses on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud servers. If your team is looking to use Azure, having those skills will be beneficial.

There are plenty of courses you can take to truly master Microsoft products. Look for one that teaches the programs you expect to use the most.

2. Learn Enterprise Resource Planning

Another technological skill, but unlike knowledge of Microsoft programs, this one is considered somewhat advanced. Enterprise resource planning software has only become common in the last few years. Administrative professionals who have skills in this area are in high demand, and that demand is likely to increase as ERP software becomes more common in the workplace.

Since this is a software-based skill, you can find online courses to complete from home. Some of them are offered by software providers themselves, while others are offered through sites like LinkedIn, Udemy, and others.

3. Database Management is Useful

Databases are often associated with the IT department, since they power websites and apps. Databases are also used in administration though, especially as businesses collect more data about their clients. 

A database might include information about clients and their last appointments. In the human resources department, a database may include information about benefits usage, or which employees have taken certain training.

Knowing how to use software to manage all this data is a key administrative skill, one that employers are going to seek going forward. While the specific software will change between businesses, a solid foundation will help you market yourself to employers.

4. Brush Up Your HR Knowledge

Administrative Assistants and others in administrative roles are sometimes called on to provide HR services. This may not be your only role, but having knowledge of various HR best practices can make you more appealing to a potential employer.

The HR department requires people who are adept in administrative functions, so adding a few HR courses to your resume might help you specialize.

5. The Ability to Work Independently

This last skill is one that is important to employers. Administrative professionals are expected to be self-starters who can manage their time and workloads. If you’re planning to work from home, this skill is even more important.

Taking a course from home could help you build this skill, since you’ll need to motivate yourself to do the work and follow through on your commitment. This skill is transferable to many jobs and helpful to have. 


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