5 Benefits of Temporary-to-Permanent Employment for Job Seekers

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By Megan Lacombe

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5_Benefits_of_Temporary_to_Permanent_Employment_for_Job_SeekersOften, when a job seeker comes across a position that's advertised as "temporary" or "temporary-to-permanent", they bypass  the posting and don't even apply. Many candidates fear the word "temporary" because of the stigmas associated with it. For example, many people believe temporary positions only offer low pay and no benefits, or are short term assignments. In actuality, there are many benefits of temporary-to-permanent employment. 

Liberty Staffing offers temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent employment opportunities. We know that most job seekers are ideally looking to obtain full time, permanent employment, however, don't turn away a temporary position just yet. Here's why you should reconsider a temp-to-perm position. 

1. Ability to Try Out the Position 

Temporary-to-permanent positions allow you to try out the position before you fully commit. Say, for example, you obtain a contract that is a temporary position for three months. After that three month time period, if the client likes you, they can bring you on board permanently. So, if you enjoy the role, you can agree to continue to work for the company. 

The flip side of this is that if you don't think the position or company is the right fit for you, you can decide to not take the position and pursue other opportunities. 

Remember that temp-to-perm positions are "trials" for both the candidate and the employer. 

2. Perfect for  New Grads and Those Returning to the Workforce

If you're a new graduate entering the workforce for the first time, you may not know what you want to do career-wise right out of the gate. This is where temp-to-perm work comes in handy. You can try out the role without the pressure of a lifelong commitment. 

Are you returning to the workforce after parental leave? A temporary-to-permanent opportunity is probably the way to go. That way you can see whether the position will work for you and your schedule. 

3. For Your Resume

Large gaps on your resume can seem like a red flag for employers looking to hire. Life happens, and sometimes we just can't help time-lapses in employment. Instead of turning away a temp-to-perm opportunity, taking on the job can help fill in a gap in your resume. Not only that, but it shows employers that you are open and flexible. 

If you're worried about listing a job on your resume that only lasts three months, don't be. Instead, you can explain on your resume that the position was merely temporary. 

4. Financial Stability

Forget unpaid internships. Temporary-to-permanent positions allow you try out a position while still earning a paycheque. Instead of turning away a position because it's temporary, you can work at the temp-to-perm position, earn money, and also look for a permanent job (if you choose to). 

5. Potential to Become Permanent

The most important thing to remember is that temporary positions always have the potential to become permanent. It's all about how you perform while on the job, and your overall attitude. Do you view the position as a glass half empty, or glass half full situation? When an employer is giving you a chance for permanent employment, take it and run with it. You have the potential to be hired on permanently with the company, so give 110%. 

An employer would rather hire on an employee that has been working with them for three months than to  start over and train someone completely new. 

Ready to start a temp-to-perm position? Contact Liberty Staffing today! 


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