5 Clear Signs That You Need to Make a Career Change

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: New Career


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5_Clear_Signs_That_You_Need_to_Make_a_Career_ChangeThinking of making a career change? If the thought even crosses your mind, this is a tell-tale sign that you should be looking for a new job opportunity.

If you're not convinced, here are five signs that you should be making a career change. 

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1. You're Bored/Unchallenged

After being in the same position for a couple of years, you might feel a little bored and unchallenged at work. When you first start out at a new job, everything is fresh, and you learned new things everyday. Now things have become more mundane, and repetitive. 

If you're constantly bored/unchallenged at work, this means that it's time to find a new job. Perhaps you could try to move up in the company, and try out a new role. After all, you can't grow professionally if you're bored in your present role. 

2. Unmotivated

Are you unmotivated to get up and go to work every morning? Do you find yourself dreading going to work, or meetings, or taking on projects in general? This means that you're unmotivated. 

Why not land a new job that will get you excited about going to work? 

3. Pessimistic Attitude 

Do you catch yourself constantly complaining about your workload, or your role? Do you have a glass-half-empty attitude while you're working? Do you feel like you're in a dead-end job? 

Having a pessimistic attitude about your job is a clear sign that you should update your resume, and start looking for a new job. 

4. You're Constantly Stressed

Does your role have a large workload? Are you constantly taking your work home with you? Do you feel overwhelmed, and stressed about getting everything done on time? 

If you're constantly stressed out at work, this probably means that you're doing a two-person job, and that's not fair to you. Stress is not good for your health. It's best if you find a new job. 

5. You Would Instantly Leave if You Could

Often people stay in their job, even if it makes them unhappy, for financial reasons. Everyone needs to earn a paycheque. Everyone has bills to pay. But ask yourself this: if someone asked you to leave, right now, without thinking about your financial situation, what would you do? Would you stay at the same position? Or would you leave immediately? 

If your guts telling you to leave, then it's probably time to make a career change. Apply to Liberty Staffing today! Contact your nearest Liberty Staffing branch today to see what jobs we currently have available


Megan Lacombe

Megan is a Media Communications professional at Liberty Staffing. She has experience working as a Freelance Writer for a variety of companies online. In her free time, she enjoys crafting, photography, running, and kayaking. An avid reader, she reads anything, anywhere. She puts creativity and passion into everything that she does. Her favourite quote is “Create the things you wish existed” by Anonymous.

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