5 Key Traits of a Great Temporary Worker

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By Megan Lacombe

Topics: Hiring Temporary Workers


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5_Key_Traits_of_a_Great_Temporary_Worker.jpgWhen you're looking to bring on temporary workers, you may question how well they will fit in with your team. How can you ensure that the temporary workers that you onboard will be a positive reinforcement for your business? It's important to look for key traits in temporary workers, to ensure that they will use their skillset to the fullest in the open position.

Temporary workers are hard working, highly skilled, and professional candidates. Liberty Staffing would like to provide you with some key traits found in great temporary workers. If you're a hiring manager looking for temp workers, here's what you should look for in each candidate.

1. Punctuality

Punctuality is incredibly important, especially when you are relying on the temporary worker to finish a project on time. Punctuality and reliability go hand in hand. When a temporary worker is on time every day, you can rely on them to do a good job and complete assigned tasks.

2. Team Player

A great temporary worker will go above and beyond their required tasks. If you see a temp worker who pitches in to help, even when they are not asked, they're a keeper. Great temporary workers will be team players, and will be willing to help out wherever they can.

3. Productivity

Productivity is key when it comes to hiring temp workers. Many temporary workers are hard working, and are highly productive. Great temp workers will want to prove to you, and other hiring managers, that they care about their job, which ultimately means they will work their hardest to get the job done as soon as possible.

4. Excellent Communication

Let's face it - a productive temp worker is great, but they also need to have excellent communication skills. The ability to communicate well and clearly is necessary for success in any professional field. Temp workers need to be able to communicate with you regarding productivity, workload, training, etc. Without proper communication, the productivity level of your business could suffer.

5. Motivated

Workers who are motivated, passionate, and self-starters make great team members for your business. There are many temp workers out their who find great validation in successfully completing tasks in a timely manner. These type of candidates are typically easy to work with, because you can use incentives to increase productivity even further.

Looking to hire great temporary workers? Liberty Staffing has a large pool of qualified temp workers ready to go. Contact us today to get started.


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